Artist Profile: Sherry Prenevost

Sherry Prenevost has only worked as a photographer for a little over a decade.  In that time, however, she has had one of the most successful second careers in the Mississauga art scene.  Sherry has exhibited her work internationally, presented her work to Queen Elizabeth and David Suzuki, and worked with NGOs throughout Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  In 2012, Sherry won a MARTY for Emerging Artist of the Year.

Sherry’s passion for photography began in 2007, during a trip to the Amazon basin.  There, Prenevost visited an indigenous tribe that had previously been thought to be extinct.  The experience inspired Sherry, who at the time was running her own company in Mississauga. 

Upon returning home, Sherry sold the company she had owned for 22 years and began working with local, national, and international NGOs.  It was these organizations that brought Sherry to Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Guatemala, Cambodia, Myanmar and Belize.  In addition to using her work to bring awareness to impoverished and war-torn communities, Sherry taught photography to adults with intellectual disabilities, youth at risk, and women and children escaping violence.

by Sherry Prenevost

Particularly affecting was Sherry’s experiences in fly-in indigenous communities in northern Ontario.  There, Sherry worked with Ryerson University researching social determinants of health and documenting residents’ way in life.  Sherry found the level of poverty in these communities comparable to that which she witnessed overseas.  She was deeply moved by the experience and continues to work with indigenous populations in northern Ontario.

Sherry’s parents always made sure she was surrounded by nature growing up in Mississauga, and nature remains an important part of Sherry’s life.  When she isn’t working on her photography, Sherry can be found walking the trails of her home city.

Yellow Morning
by Sherry Prenevost

From June 30th to August 20th, the Living Arts Centre will feature Sherry’s work as part of the Canada 150 Photography Exhibit.  Opening reception is July 6th, 7-9pm.  For more information about Sherry, visit her website at

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