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The Mississauga Arts Council is looking for an Arts Reporter

Are you an artist who thinks outside the box? How do you feel about becoming a mentor for a young man with severe autism? Our son is 22 years old and is considered non-verbal although he is able to say a couple of words. Our son has a gift (we believe) for organizing his environment into what we consider an art form. We call it “positioning art” or “placement art” although there probably is a real art term for it that we are unaware. I have been documenting his art work with photos for about 2 years because I started to realize that this may be something we can encourage since it is his way of expressing himself. We are interested in finding a mentor who can work with our son either in their own studio or in our apartment home where he does his art work now. He would always have a support worker or father with him should any behavioural issues come up. Our son is a good-natured young man but when he gets frustrated he can get upset but he will indicate by gesture that he needs a head massage to relieve his stress which the support worker has been trained to do. If you think you may be interested in helping our son and his parents please contact us at or phone us at 905-274-0193. This is a paid position and we can discuss the hourly rate  (+ mileage if you come to our home)  depending on your experience and willingness to work with our son’s “ a little out there” art style. We would work with your schedule and the number of hours a month you would be interested in doing.

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