Limelight Committee


Arlene Paculan

Arlene Paculan’s love for creating music began when she picked up her pink plastic toy guitar and started singing a song she had made up for her mother. Now, Arlene strives to improve her craft, creating original modern songs with passionate lyrics and soothing piano accompaniment. Playing the piano led her to develop her voice under the professional guidance of renowned soprano Eleanor Calbes, and musical director Jeffrey Huard. Arlene’s dedication enabled her to learn to play guitar on her own and draw inspiration from bands like No Doubt. Our Lady Peace, and Moist. Arlene released her first EP, titled I’m Worth It, in early 2010. With the help of Sammy G, co-owner of Kuya Productions, Arlene recorded tracks for her EP including “Get Over Yourself.” Recording solidified her love for music; she’s now head over heels for the idea of sharing her musical masterpieces with the world. Check out Arlene’s music at[/dopgrid] [/dopgridrow]


Jailar Tabugay

Hip-hop and pop solo artist JayT is new to the game, but emerging as a confident artist with an explosive and unique sound that never fails to captivate his fans and audiences. Weary of assigning his music to a specific category, JayT is polishing his craft and quickly rising to new heights. Combining his interest in poetry with his love for music, JayT created his debut mix tape My Time—a stepping stone towards his goal of becoming more than just an artist, and stacking up against the best. Relying on catchy hooks, a cohesive flow and a knack for storytelling, JayT knows how to communicate his message. And with a blend of material, image, performance, and commercial marketability, this is one young artist with a serious grasp on what he needs to do to take total control of his career. It is only a matter of time until JayT becomes a household name in the music entertainment community. Keep your eyes and ears open for this rising star at

sjv_headshot greySarah-Jean Villa

Sarah-Jean Villa a inspirational singer, songwriter, motivational speaker and host of her own television show about social issues on Rogers Television called Rock Your True Inner Beauty. Winner of the 2013 Power Expo New Entrepreneur Award, nominated for for 2013 Emerging Artists award at the Marty Awards, host of the Marty Awards red carpet, host of the Media Summit 2013 and received a Act of Kindness Award for working with Straight to the Streets. Sarah-Jean Villa is the chair of the Limelight Youth Association for Emerging Artists, a facilitator with “Her Life Her Canvas” with The Interim Place and the Creative Director of Rock Your True Inner Beauty campaign talking to people about social issues. Currently she is getting ready to release her album in 2014 called “Rock Your True Inner Beauty”, about to release her new music video and single called “Guided By The Light”. Her missions is to change your words, change your world, share your story and shine your light. Always remember to “Rock Your True Inner Beauty” each moment for the rest of your life. You can check out more info about what Sarah-Jean is doing in the community at and follower her on all social media forms.


Emilia Nowicki

Emilia Nowicki is a very passionate 16-year-old dancer. She also writes poetry and plays piano. She is trained in ballroom latin, but at the age of 14 she began teaching herself jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and modern. Her passion for dance has led her to develop a style for herself in which she can incorporate all types of dance into one big fusion. Battling Crohn’s Disease her entire life, her goal is to show the world that anything is possible as long as you are passionate, determined, and hard-working. Emilia aspires to spread the power and magic of dance into the lives of all youth, and have dance begin saving them just as it has saved her.


Dami Fagbohun

Born in Nigeria raised in Texas, I became a spoken artist to cope in life. At the age of 14 I started taking spoken word seriously, and fell in love with it. Since I’ve done pieces with my mentor Tiffany Ike, and grown to show my story through poetry. I feel as if my spoken word is not just a poem but a motivational tool to encourage and inspire. I plan to go far with this gift and help encourage youth to tell their story. In every spoken word piece I create, I infuse it with all of my emotion. Through spoken word poetry, my goal is always to reach out and connect with my audience.[/dopgrid]


Cropped JustinJustin Covas

Limelight is excited to welcome new committee member Justin Covas. Justin is a Skateboarder/Entreprenuer/Voice Actor/Beatboxer/Book Worm/Chess Player/ all around really cool guy. He has performed and volunteered at various Mississauga Programs. He likes to read and learn new things and be around positive people. Please stay tuned for future Limelight events with Justin involved!


Jen'ar DaephiusJen’Ari

Jen’ari Daephius is an electronic music speaking embodiment of bass, as well as an astral-projecting/lucid-dreaming Concept Artist and Illustrator. Through Beatbox, Daephius gives birth to vocal depictions of the being beneath his skin. Regurgitating bass heavy vibrations of energy in an organic electronic language of music; bass from the mouth. Not only speaking bass, Daephius embodies it through dance; equipped with the style of Krumping. With Concept Art and Illustration, Daephius brings a tangible visual back to Earth of the recollections of the adventures of his astral-projection/lucid-dreaming/out-of-body-experiences through digital painting.

Bass from the mouth:
Visual Prowess:”

Darren Flower

Darren Head ShotDarren Flower is a songwriter/performer who plays in a Classic Rock-inspired band called Stone River. He has played a countless amount of shows and performed at various festivals ( including the MIDEM Festival in Cannes, France and the Reeperbahn Festival in the notorious Red Light District of Hamburg, Germany). Darren has had his songs played on commercial radio, and has worked with top level producers ( Chris Thorn from Blind Melon, Big Wreck/Monster Truck producer and multiple Juno recipient Eric Ratz). He is also the Founder of his own company Rock It Up!  Darren hosts an award-winning radio show for the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus Radio Station CFRE and recently became a TV  host for Rogers TV. He is also a music educator. Darren is very proud to work closely with the Mississauga Arts Council and is happy to help the youth by serving on the Limelight committee.