Limelight Association of Young Artists

You’ve heard the buzz….it’s all over the city and beyond. The hottest wave of new artists have come together to join the Limelight Association of Young Artists. Limelight is an exciting community of young artists under the umbrella of the Mississauga Arts Council. Limelight’s mission is to: connect aspiring young artists and provide them with the support, recognition and opportunities required for them to thrive. Limelight is instrumental in the production of exciting projects including MAC’s youth showcases, traveling open mics, the Mississauga Future Star Competition, the Mississauga Youth Writers Guild, workshops and more! Members include visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, singer/songwriters, writers, graphic designers and more!

Limelight Association of Young Artists is open to individuals under the age of 30. To join Mississauga’s exciting Association of Young Artists,  fill out the online Membership form, download the Membership Form or call the Mississauga Arts Council at 905-615-4278.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @MissArtsCouncil and at @LimelightYouth.
Looking for a Limelight Testimonial?

Limelight Association of Young Artists is excited to announce the launch of the Limelight Toolkit, a publication which will assist young artists in growing and launching their careers.

The toolkit features information on grants, mentorship, portfolios and galleries, alongside advice from more established artists on how to make your art your livelihood. The kit was created in partnership with Ryerson University.

Please click here to download the Limelight Toolkit

BP-for-website-2The Mississauga Arts Council’s Limelight Association of Young Artists is proudly sponsored by Boston Pizza Square One. The Mississauga Arts Council graciously acknowledges Boston Pizza’s support.


Here’s what Limelight is all about!

connect aspiring young artists and provide them with the support, recognition and opportunities required for them to thrive. Within the context of the Mississauga Arts Council, Limelight will fulfill its mission by:

  • Providing practical support
  • Informing young artists of resources and opportunities available to them
  • Creating points of connection between young artists in Mississauga and throughout Canada
  • Providing recognition for young artists
  • Youth will be able to envision a successful career as artists or as creative professionals utilizing their skills as artists.
  • Mississauga can be a community that will attract, support and value young artists.
  • To create an environment within which young people can participate fully in Mississauga’s and ultimately Canada’s artistic community – and thus help shape that community and its activities through both programming and governance.
  • Youth will be taken seriously as artists.

Practical support for example:

  • By offering workshops designed to expand the knowledge and skills of young artists.
  • By providing networking opportunities.
  • By providing marketing assistance to young artists wishing to stage a show or display their work.
  • By linking young artists with job possibilities.
  • By arranging collaboration opportunities with other organizations.
  • By exploring funding opportunities for young artists and arts groups.
  • By facilitating mentorship from established artists to provide guidance and support to emerging artists and enabling them to benefit from experience.

1. Support and encourage young artists in Mississauga by informing them of available resources – for example:

  • Through outreach and presentations to schools, other communities, summer workshops and camps.
  • Through attendance at youth centered festivals and events promoting the Mississauga Arts Council and/or Limelight
  • Through the design and distribution of information brochures – linking disciplines with business and life skills such as public speaking, creative thinking, marketing, etc.

2. Connect young artists (within Mississauga & from across Canada)

  • Through online discussion and collaboration
  • Through events and networking opportunities
  • Through publication and support of grass roots youth initiatives

3. To provide recognition for the accomplishments of young artists

  • Through regular media campaigns and features
  • Through regular highlights in Limelight’s print and online communications
  • Through awards presentations such as the Mississauga Arts Awards
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