Metalworks Scholarship Winner Announced!

On August 9th, Candice Mohacsi, Director of Student and Alumni Services for Metalworks Institute announced Lauren Michaels as the first winner of the Laurie Pallett Scholarship—a $5,000 tuition scholarship to the Music Business Program at Metalworks Institute.

Lauren will also receive a one year membership to the Mississauga Arts Council and will be a volunteer with MAC’s youth program, Limelight, during her 11 month program. Lauren lives in the city’s northwest corner and her application essay particularly impressed the scholarship’s namesake, Laurie Pallett, who was struck by Lauren’s mature understanding of artists and their impact on our world as she wrote of them in her winning essay. The bright 17 year old graduate of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School has a vision—to make a difference. Bravo Lauren Michaels, Metalworks Institute, and Laurie Pallett!

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