Rogers TV 10 Closes Production Programming to Follow August 31


The fond home of community television in Mississauga is closing its doors. Rogers TV studios on Wolfedale Road have ceased to produce the varied community TV programming that made minor celebrities of a few and educated many more in TV production over 30 years of broadcasting. 15 full-time staff were laid off this week and Rogers broadcasts of local news and views will cease at the end of this summer.

The Mississauga Arts Council was fortunate enough to land production slots just prior to the closing and have enjoyed seeing four one hour programs exploring Mississauga as a Creative City produced and broadcast each Monday night and Tuesday morning at 11 for the last two weeks and hopefully for the next two weeks.

Called “Creative City” these programs featured MAC President Brian Crombie interviewing leading cultural lights and community leaders about building a creative city and exploring what’s coming up from the wonderful festivals that bring our city to life throughout the summer. This was typical programming for Rogers, making room for local events and giving them the attention they deserve.

Without Rogers so many stories about what takes place in Mississauga and why it matters will not be seen. We are grateful for what they have done under the leadership of Jake Dheer and sad that we will not enjoy the added buzz and excitement that Rogers on location in Mississauga, brought to so many special events. Production stopped this week and programming goes off the air at the end of August.

Thank you Rogers! You will be missed by many of those who try to make things happen in Mississauga.

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