Youth Programming – Limelight

Limelight Association of Young Artists

Programming for Under 30’s to Cultivate a Future in the Arts

MAC has a special focus on young people through our Limelight Association for Young Artists

The Limelight Association of Young Artists is an exciting community of young artists under the umbrella of the Mississauga Arts Council. This program also young artists to receive mentorship, learn about the business of art and contribute to Mississauga’s arts community.

LIMELIGHT’S MISSION IS TO: connect aspiring young artists and provide them with the support, recognition and opportunities required for them to thrive. Within the context of the Mississauga Arts Council, Limelight will fulfill its mission by:

  • Providing practical support
  • Informing young artists of resources and opportunities available to them
  • Creating points of connection between young artists in Mississauga and throughout Canada
  • Providing recognition for young artists

Whant to join us?

MAC provides its members with opportunities to CONNECT with the community, CREATE art and to CELEBRATE the arts in Mississauga.

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