Open Mic Night at the LAC

The Live Cafe at the Living Arts Centre Welcomes You to take Centre Stage!

How to Participate:

While this is an all-inclusive event, preference is given to members of Mississauga Arts Council. If you are a MAC member, you are guaranteed performance time. If you are not a member, you will be wait-listed and have a chance to perform after MAC members. If you are not a MAC member yet, to have priority in performing, consider joining as a member or call 905-615-4278.

Please arrive approximately 15 minutes before the start of the Open Mic to sign the performer agreement, and to get your name on the set list.

Even if you have been guaranteed performance time, if you arrive after the start of the Open Mic, you will forfeit this guarantee and will be wait-listed.

Each artist will have approximately five minutes to set up and perform one set.

No extra time will be given for setup, etc..

Playback device must be supplied by the artist (iPod, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Tech equipment is provided by MAC and includes PA system, speakers, monitors and mic(s).

You could be performing any time during the event – we will not know exactly when until that evening. Plan appropriately.

Each performer is strongly encouraged to bring his own fans and audience members.

Want in on great Programming like this?

MAC provides its members with opportunities to CONNECT with the community, CREATE art and to CELEBRATE the arts in Mississauga.


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