Dufferin Peel Catholic schools Our Lady of Lourdes and Saints Peter & Paul were rocking with positive energy during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week!  Mississauga’s own MySchoolROCKS paid a visit to both schools to share their message of inclusivity and community building.  Created by a team of concerned local musicians, MySchoolROCKS uses the power of music to encourage young people to stop and think about the negative impact of bullying behaviour.

“I was deeply shaken by several high profile cases of school aged youth taking their own lives due to the horrible situations they were experiencing”, explains MySchoolROCKS Founder and Executive Director Cliff Callaway.

 “We started visiting local schools in 2014 with our RockOUT Bullying message but with the MySchoolROCKS charity, our goal is to take our wellness programming to a much wider educational audience”.  

Using the acronym R.O.C.K.S, which stands for Respect, Open Up, Confidence, Kindness and Stand Up, the MySchoolROCKS band performs contemporary songs to deliver a high octane message championing the importance of treating others with respect, opening up to new friendships and having the confidence to stand up against bullying behaviour at their school.   

The MySchoolROCKS band is comprised of multi-talented and award winning Mississauga artists Michael Ursini and Adam Brik of Uforia, singer, songwriter Arlene Paculan, and percussion powerhouse Alan Madhaven.  Not only does their ROCKOut Bullying assembly bring audiences to their feet, but MySchoolROCKS also encourages students to spread their message by joining the live show!  Students at Our Lady of Lourdes and Sts. Peter and Paul were invited to perform along with the band during Katy Perry’s Firework and Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive.

“As an alumni of Saints Peter and Paul school, it was great to return to my former elementary school and perform on the stage where I had my first show in Grade 7,” quipped guitarist Michael Ursini.  “Watching these young students smiling and singing along with ROCKOut Bullying brings back good memories of my time at school.”

As MySchoolROCKS gains momentum, the team hopes that their message of awareness, inclusivity and positivity will resonate with young people.  Cliff Callaway adds: “We get a reaction when we ask students how they would show respect or what happens when you act in a kind way and invite a new friend to join a game at recess?”  He goes on to say with a smile “You should have heard the kids humming the MySchoolROCKS theme song as they exited the gym. Now that’s what it’s all about!”

MySchoolROCKS is a CRA registered charity (#787689520) that promotes youth wellness through engagement with the arts.  Their music based program, 3 Keys to Success, encourages young students to embrace a positive approach to relationship building and conflict resolution. Please visits www.myschoolrocks.ca or contact them at anthonyk@myschoolrocks.ca. for program and booking information.



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