Written by Mike Douglas.

Researcher, writer, educator and innovator, Dr. Jane Fraser followed up on last summer’s remarkable collaboration with Jasmine Sawant and Sawitri Theatre to produce the play “Gramma” at the Sampradaya Dance Theatre, with a new hope filled and results fueled seniors program called Brain Health for Baby Boomers.

So again Jane’s New Year dawns with a dynamic new project that has taken one of Jane’s books and turned it into something much bigger. Jane’s Tecky Seniors Project, a new non-profit group, has received a $25,000 grant from New Horizons for Seniors.

This grant will initiate part 1 of the year’s endeavours working with Jasmine again to produce specially designed theatre activities, and plays into seniors centres.

Meanwhile Jane is still absorbed in the how-to’s; “Now we need to open a bank account, secure directors liability insurance and coverage for actors and other principals so that we can deposit the cheque for $25,000 and then follow through on measurement of benefits to seniors and conducting surveys afterward.” Aw show biz!

Jane has her fingers crossed in hopes of receiving the green light for another connected project if they receive the grant applied for from Ontario’s Seniors Community Grant Program. This is another senior’s competence and brain health initiative, aimed at producing a short series of videos which educate seniors about how to write their memoirs.

Here’s why. Jane believes that by beginning to write one’s memoirs while they still have their memory gives the senior something to enjoy now and later when its read to them, reminding them of who they are, read by a family member or friend at a time when their memory has failed.

Jane’s practical science based workbook, Brain Health for Baby Boomers provides the content base for activities and exercise to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s all part of preparing yourself for the culmination of your life in a healthy, happy way.” She adds, “I’ve been doing this work with seniors for 20 years,” she smiles confidently at the prospect of winning the video production grant in early February.

Good luck Jane!


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