Six Upcoming Courses at Visual Arts Mississauga


Visual Arts Mississauga offers a variety of art based programs for adults, most of which begin this upcoming February. These courses are taught by professional art educators who have prior study experience at a variety of universities and art colleges. They bring practical experience to the art table as they have experience instructing on how to create the magnificent artwork, some of which are displayed in this article as finished artistic examples.


Beyond Colour

Have you ever wished you could paint stunning sunsets and detailed landscapes?  Well now you can learn how! Painting with Alcohol Inks is an intermediate level four week, art course in which participants paint with alcohol inks to produce layers of luminous colour. Learn how to add textures and an iridescent edge that emphasize the beauty of naturalistic landscapes. The course is taught by Sherrill Girard who is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, Societe Canadienne de l’Aquarelle, Le Cercle des Artistes Peintures Sculpteurs du Quebec, The Arts Club of Montreal, and others.


Irresistible Batik –    

Learn the ancient art of batik painting in this two-day course at Visual Arts Mississauga. Participants will use wax and dye to create art based on an original photograph of their choice to be reproduced with new form and style. The batik technique originates in Indonesia, and lends itself well to floral, still life and landscape images. This course is open to all difficulty levels and taught by Stephanie Schirm. Stephanie has thorough experience in the fashion industry as well as a public educator at different public establishments that exist throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


19th and 20th Century Watercolour and You – 

Take a blast to the past with this interpretative rendition course by revisiting art of the 20th century.

In this course, students will recreate artistic works of the 20th century using water colour. Participants will recreate their own interpretative renditions of art by Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Georges Braque, Emil Nolde, Raoul Dufy, and John Singer Sargent, while listening to music of the 20th century. The course instructor, Petra Zantingh, is a visual media artist who has won the following awards: The Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education, and The Concordia University Conference and Exposition Award, in 2014. Ms. Zantingh also holds a Master of Arts (MA in Art Education) from Concordia University, which she was awarded in 2015.

Clay Handbuilding – Pottery for the Home and Garden –

Are you a DIY fan and like decorating with handmade pieces? Create and paint your own pottery with this practical and hand-on course. Clay Handbuilding – Pottery for the Home and Garden is comprised of clay building using tools of slabs of clay, coil and molds to form the basis for clay based artistic works. The course is four weeks long and open to those with skill levels of beginner and upward. Students will learn how to decorate their clay forms using ceramic stencils, stamps, hand carving and painting techniques. The instructor of this course, Gillian Sych, is an experienced potter.

The Dynamic Landscape & its Elements in Living Colour –

In this one-day workshop, students will discover how colour and its interpretation work in developing a vibrant composition. The class will be painting a landscape complete with winter characteristics, reflections in water and other detail. This workshop is led by Bonnie Steinberg who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from York University. Bonnie is also a signature member of the Canadian Watercolour Society and has taught in Florence, Venice and Tuscany, and a weeklong watercolour workshop in Sedona, Arizona. The landscape of Ontario is used to provide inspiration to the canvases of participants in this course.

Drawing and Sketching for Pleasure and Improvement –

Have you ever wanted to hone in on your artistic ability to create realistic drawings of animals or landscapes?

In the course Drawing and Sketching for Pleasure and Improvement, participants will be focusing on drawing and sketching using charcoal or pencil in pieces which find their basis in still life, landscape, and reference photography. The course is four weeks long and includes weekly class critiques and teacher demos in order to encourage students to develop their own unique drawing styles, or auteur signature.

The course instructor Jacqueline Crawley has multiple degrees in the arts from various universities, and began working as an art instructor in 2003.

Beyond Head & Shoulders – Portrait Drawing & Painting –

Impress your friends and family by drawing dynamic portraits of them!  Beyond Head & Shoulders – Portrait Drawing & Painting is a course geared towards those eighteen years of age and older and focuses on portrait drawing and painting. It includes a live model to act as inspiration and as a foundation for artistic material to be created during course hours. Intrinsic nuisances and details in portrait drawing such as how to create mass, proportion, form, value and texture to create likeness will be covered in this course. The course lasts four weeks and it is taught by Stephanie Schirm who has an abundance of experience working in the fashion industry and teaching visual arts courses.


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