The Living Arts Centre hosted its monthly Open Mic Night in partnership with the Mississauga Arts Council on Wednesday January 24th at 6:30 pm. A line up of great entertainment, food and drink was available for the live audience of over sixty people. The audience was in for a treat with a variety of performance types by fourteen artists, including both stand-up comedy acts, original songs along with cover renditions of popular music. Instrumental music scores were played, and singers used their vocal talent to captivate the audience. The stage presence of all the artists captured the attention of their audience and created an ambience that was professional and formal, while also being comfortable and cozy.

The evening’s host, musician Tom Taylor, is a familiar face at the Living Arts Centre. Mr. Taylor has decades of musical performance experience in Mississauga and the GTA. He entertained the audience with his witty humor while providing introductions and segues for the performing artists. Opening the night was Paul Kolb, who performed an original piece. Jennifer Cortez and her backup performers who include MAC member Andy Pacheco covered popular songs including Chris Isaak’s hit song, Wicked Game.

Carl Jung performed a magnificent ensemble of acoustic guitar pieces that displayed the musical training that he had received from his local school’s music class.

Socorro Chinnick performed tracks from her own album titled; Refugee and Pawel Szczepanek amazed the audience with his vocalist talent during two cover songs.

Experienced performers Our Way Trio played a unique and eclectic mix of covers ranging from Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You  to The Eagles’ Hotel California using an electric accordion, bongo drums and an acoustic guitar. They are an ensemble of three veteran musicians who have over thirty years of experience together as a band. Two female comedians that included material that was personal and edgy also performed stand-up acts.

A delicious menu is also offered at these events at The Living Arts Centre, which is both reasonable in price and high in quality. The five-dollar ticket price was redeemable on customers’ food and beverage receipts.

With the success of this year’s first open mic event, along with the great quality and low price, it’s likely that the venue will sell out again next month during the next open mic night on February 21st.

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