By Mark Chetcuti

Visual Arts Mississauga are hosting a collaborative youth art exhibition titled, The Art of Dialogue. This art showcase is important to art culture as it highlights the artwork of young and new emerging artists from Ontario and the GTA. Artists who participate in this exhibition use experimental processes using a combination of traditional and new forms of media. Entrants’ artwork will be juried. The Art of Dialogue is an exhibition in collaboration with The Open Gallery, a new mobile gallery based in Mississauga that focuses on engaging youth artists.

“The Art of Dialogue is necessary because it uses art to bridge any type of gap and creates an invitation to have a conversation. It’s artful reflection – these pieces are an instrument of meaning and a deeper level of communication. The Open Gallery and VAM have carefully collaborated to foster an appreciation for diverse and pluralistic points of view through art! I hope that art continues to encourage us with more ideas and knowledge,”

Hibah Mian, Founder and Chief Curator of The Open Gallery.

Contributing artists will be displaying work in variety of mediums.  A list of contributing artists and their medium of choice is as follows:

Aaron Downey –  mixed media
Bella Vita –    mixed media
Corey Martinez –    digital collage
Danielle Coleman –    mixed media
Gillian Bochenek –    found object sculpture
Ivanna Hreshchuk –    photography and installation
Kaylita Walsh –     mixed media
Kulsoom Khawaja –    mixed media
Maria Rutigilano –    mixed media
Nikkole Lebrun –    painting
Nikolina Kupcevic –    mixed media
Olivia Wallace –    mixed media
Shannon O’Toole –    acrylic and oil painting
Zack Ghanem –    video
Celia Wilson –    mixed media
Jenny Chen –     printmaking
Connie Santos –   drawing and painting
Pamela  Leszczynski –    digital photography
Carrying Root Collective with Allison Henry and Kelly Zantingh –    drawing, printmaking, video and photography
Anran Guo –    installation
Chelsea Ryan –    video and audio
Deanna Restivo –    mixed media
Fong Ki  Wan –    papercut
Heather Riley –    print and sculpture
Katarina Tkaczyszyn –    video and photography
Zahra Riaz –    mixed media

The exhibition runs from February 5th – 18th, with Feb 9th until 11th set as the spotlight. Be sure to make it out to the opening reception on Friday, February 7th for live poetry and spoken word performances and  DJ ROSEMIGHTY playing a live set. 

As outlined in the VAM The Art of Dialogue press release: “The Art of Dialogue is an opportunity for youth artists from Mississauga and the GTHA to share their artistic process, stories, and perspectives through a visual statement,” explains VAM Exhibitions and Events Coordinator Eldiana Begovic. “We are excited to host this youth exhibition in conjunction with a show by The Open Gallery, a youth led mobile gallery based here in Mississauga. We invite you to take in the art and see what our next generation of artists have to say.”

Get more details on The Art of Dialogue here. 


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