With the next MARTY Awards ceremony occurring in the not so distant future (May 10), it’s a good time to look at ten influential and popular MARTY winners from the past few years (in no particular order).

1. Billy Talent

Billy Talent won the Established Musical Group MARTY last year. The group’s origins are from Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario where Billy Talent formed in 1993. The group’s music falls under the alternative rock genre. Ian D’Sa, the back-up singer and bassist for the band, was present to accept his award on behalf of the music group. Last year the group won the Established Musical Group MARTY Award.

From left to right: Aaron Solowoniuk, Benjamin Kowalewicz, Jonathan Gallant, Ian D’Sa

2. Laura Beaton

Laura Beaton is a painter artist born in Toronto, Ontario who moved to Mississauga almost 30 years ago to raise her family. She began as a decorative wall painter, but a disability pointed her to what has become a life-long passion for Chinese Brush Painting. Last year she won the Established Visual Artist MARTY Award for her work in the visual arts.

3. Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

Yi-Jia Susanne Hou is a Canadian violinist. Born in Shanghai and raised in Mississauga, Hou grew up in a musical family. Miss Hou has travelled the world as a soloist with major orchestras in over 50 countries. Last year she won the Solo Instrumental Musical MARTY Award for her work as a violinist.

4. Alx Veliz

Alx is a successful vocalist who’s song “Dancing Kizomba” has reached over three million viewers on Youtube. Last year Alx won the Musical Solo Vocalist MARTY Award for his vocal work, alongside Chuck Jackson.

5.  Sid Sawant

As an actor, Sid is an honours graduate of Humber College’s Film and Television program, with aspirations for international cinemas and theatrical stages. He has experience working in the television and film industries. In 2016 Sid won the MARTY Award for Emerging Theatre Arts.

6. Maggie Habieda

Maggie is a creative professional portrait photographer, a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist. A graduate from the Ontario College of Art and Design with Honours in Illustration, Maggie is an international award winning Portrait Photographer with Masters from PPOC and WPPI and has been featured on several magazine covers including “Top Choice” and “Oakville Voice”. Maggie is a motivational speaker at professional photography conventions and colleges, not to mention that she is a mentor to photography students at her studio. She also serves as a judge for photography competitions. In 2016, Maggie won the MARTY Award for Established Media Arts.

7. Noelle Hamlyn

Garnering critical praise, Hamlyn’s installations and studio practice have been recognized by numerous awards and support from the Ontario Arts Council, Mississauga Arts Council, Ontario Crafts Council, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Visual Arts Mississauga (VAM) and the Mississippi Mills Textile Museum. Hamlyn is currently an Artist in Residence at the Living Arts Centre (Mississauga). She is Co-Artistic Director of Frog and Hand – an interdisciplinary collective of performance and visual artists. In 2016 Noelle won the MARTY Award for Established Visual Arts.

8. Massimo Capra

Born in Italy, Chef Massimo Capra’s culinary training began in Salsomaggiore, Parma. He has been featured on City TV’s, Cityline. In 2016 Massimo won a MARTY Award for the Culinary Arts for his work as a professional celebrity chef.

9. Randy Persaud

Randy is a TV broadcaster, talkshow host, public speaker, community ambassador. He has been working with CBC for over seventeen years along with Rogers television before it closed. In 2016 Randy won a MARTY Award for Community Involvement for his leadership roles in communications and media broadcasting.

10. Robert J. Sawyer

Prolific science fiction writer, Robert J. Sawyer has received national recognition for his authorship of various sci-fi novels which include FLASH FORWARD along with twenty two other novels that have been published. He has also been appointed to The Order of Canada for his fiction writing. In 2017 Robert J. Sawyer won a Life-time Achievement MARTY Award for his literary work as a published writer.


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