By: Mark Chetcuti

Written by playwright Paul Downs Colaizzo, Really Really is a play which unfolds after a wild college party takes place at an elite university. Really Really is a collegiate drama based in ambiguity, and is the first play in Colaizzo’s “Want, Give, Get” trilogy. The aftermath of the blowout keg party thrown by a group of rugby players ends up turning to turmoil as one of their members – Davis – is accused of sexually assaulting a female student during the party.

The play is contemporary and revolves around what happened between two students, Leigh and David, and tackles perceptions of what is considered consensual or non-consensual, leaving the truth ambiguous and untold. As the play continues to unfold, there is textual evidence to suggest that Leigh is not a reliable victim. The play is intended for a mature audience as it contains strong language, mature themes and explicit content. Really Really is a play, which is centered on the me generation. Who is telling the truth? Who is at fault? Colaizzo is not interested in easy answers. Once the audience feels sure that they understand the moral landscape, it changes again, settling into an uneasy and complicated shade of grey.

Production of the play starts on March 1st and it runs until March 11th. Tickets can be purchased through The University of Toronto, Mississauga location website at


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