By: Mark Chetcuti
KLOROFYL Gadfly finds inspiration from the 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai, in which warriors must regain their honour when forced to work together to help others survive. The Akira Kurosawa film embodies the iconic style of Gadfly who are an urban dance group that is rooted in the physical aspect of urban and contemporary dances, as well as the balance between creativity and entertainment. The Seven Samurai film inspired the creation of CLOROFYL Gadfly who happen to be coming to Mississauga, coincidentally on the same date – March 18 – as the dance summit competition, both of which pay homage to the samurai film.

“The Living Arts Centre is excited to be to hosting an event dedicated to showcasing street-dance in Mississauga. There is so much local talent to be inspired by that we are investing in this dance form and these talented artists who are making waves in our community and abroad. We hope this summit will continue to grow and become an event that everyone looks forward to attending each year” shares Natalie Lue, CEO of The Living Arts Centre.

The two separate shows, which will be happening on the same day, featuring some of the very best dance performances, and live music from acclaimed DJs. The style of dance is street dance in which performers compete against one another in a competition style gauntlet. The winners of the dance contest will be presented with a special katana sword shaped trophy that fits the samurai theme.

The summit, which is produced by Ground Illusionz, will begin promptly with workshops and discussions at 4:00 pm – it is a good idea to be fifteen minutes early or so – until 5:00 pm followed by the dance battles that will begin at 5:00 pm and carry on into the night. The award winning urban dance company KLOROFYL Gadfly will also be performing at 7:30 pm in RBC Theatre. These two events are separate, but with $25 you can view both events.

To purchase tickets or for more information please visit The Living Arts Centre’s website at:


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