By Helen Harris

On May 17th 2018, the Mississauga Arts Council partnered with Metalworks Institute to host a Music Workshop Panel and Networking Night at the Metalworks campus.

The  panel featured  of music industry professionals from Mississauga, who shared their expertise with attendees. The panelists consisted of Ian Stanger of Black Box Music; Viera Zmiyiwsky from Metalworks and The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra; Rob Tardik, entrepreneur, guitarist and contemporary jazz/world instrumental music artist and Linda Keen Lausberg from Entertainment Unlimited. They offered a fountain of information and sound investment advice. Namely, to invest in yourself, believe in yourself and others will too.

Juno winner, Ian Stanger, spoke of self-funding, reinvesting and living lean. It’s always about reinvestment, in staff, relationships and yourself. He encouraged developing relationships.

“Time, effort and real investment in yourself,” were his keys to getting ahead. You need to be 100% in or it won’t work!

“Great artists find great artists,” said Ian as he promoted the organic process of cultivating great relationships that turn into long lasting relationships. Ian encouraged the audience to never compromise themselves or anything for their artistry.  Artists should understand innately what they stand for and their music, and who they are. He encouraged musicians to be great at what they do and the investors will find them.

Rob Tardik spoke of the synergy of learning, adding that it’s “never a straight line in the arts”.

He stressed perseverance, tenacity, passion, taking your work seriously, building your brand, investment in yourself. Rob teaches electric guitar at Metalworks, has self-produced 6 albums, and is the inventor of the Music Stamp series and is about to launch a YouTube channel – Guitar Disruption.

Linda Keen Lausberg, owner of Entertainment Unlimited, stressed the importance of having  a good YouTube video and a good website. Linda highly recommended attending the Ontario Contact Conference in the fall. It offers you the opportunity to showcase yourself, to perform in front of those in attendance and promote yourself in front of potential clients. Linda is always looking for new talent and books musicians for corporate clients.

Vierra Zmiyimsky encouraged the audience to take advantage of their “free resources”, social media. Focusing your branding through social media and listening to their feedback is vital. An artist’s “reputation is vital” to their success.

The final message of the evening to the musicians was to become an active member of SCAN, to create a relationship with them and to work with them.


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