What’s new with Fil Plaskota?

We asked the leader of Mississauga video producers, Creators at Play, and here is what he had to say.

“We just got back from Winnipeg for the Northern Touch Music Festival sponsored by Manitoba Music and FACTOR, and the Mayor of Winnipeg was a really cool guy.

The Festival has really grown and the City was so pleased with it, they already voted to double its budget for next year.”

Featuring over 50 performers and 12 business panels, the festival took visiting musicians from all over Canada through today’s music business, from EPKs and the media, to merchandise and what it takes to be ready for export.

“Today, the fan can get your music for free, so if they like you and want to support you, they buy your merchandise or your tickets or a CD as keepsake.”

Fil and the team with 7 cameras and 3 sound recordists were assigned to document the panels and share their insights.

“We learned about how different Canadians can apply to come to this festival and the networking was crazy! People started working, passing around beats and making videos, writing songs. Collaborating right away.”

Creators were assigned to interview and document the messages so that the artists could take something back as a reference from the panels and their interviews.

Fil recalled one session that had the musicians show their music videos to an audience and get their critical feedback on them. Yikes! Fil would love to create a bridge between Winnipeg and Mississauga so people can export their talents to a new city, to try new things and grow.

“The Winnipeg music scene has a lot of unique talent. I was so impressed by artists from small markets across Canada. And it was super intra arts with dancers and beatmakers and all the elements of hip hop in the festival.”

So Mississauga artists, if YOU are interested in sharing your artface to the community, send us your videos and we’ll work with you and Fil to help showcase your talents on the way to feeding your passion!


(Caption: Mike Douglas with Fil Plaskota)


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