After listening to Mississauga’s Jake Robertson’s song “Ricochet”, you would think Shawn Mendes might be pleased with this oh-so-danceable tune. Jake’s obviously been inspired by Toronto-raised Mendes and is working to fill out a full EP worth of dance-pop tunes that will come together sooner if he can just get onto the US campus circuit.

After re-upping with MAC, Jake is driving to Hartford, Connecticut for the North American Campus Activities conference, where he’ll be performing to secure gigs on college campuses across the States as a singer-songwriter.

“I got three hours of material and can do covers galore, solo or with a band. I’ve been playing the guitar since I was seven and still live across from Dixie Mall,” he says. The time to get serious is upon him and he feels like it might be make-it or break-it time.

Jake Robertson met with MAC’s Executive Director Mike Douglas.

He played at Door 55 in Streetsville until it closed down,  and he’s got an upcoming gig at the Firehall in Collingwood and hopes to get back to Failtes Pub soon. But to make it, he needs airplay and that’s brutally hard to get. So this trip to Hartford is loaded with importance. If he can get onto the circuit, he can afford to finish his EP and then try to get his tunes on the air and his career kick-started. The winner of youth singing contests here in Mississauga has the talent for anywhere, he just needs an audience for the hit songs he’s got on paper.

Here’s to Jake and here is his video for “Ricochet”.

Check out Jake on social media! 

Instagram: @j8kemusic
YouTube: J8KE




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