The Mississauga Arts Council is lucky to have member artists from all walks of life – whether they were born and raised in the city, moved here later in their arts career, or began their art journey after coming to Mississauga. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that in a diverse city like ours that welcomes many news immigrants each year, there is a population of artists who have just arrived here and haven’t yet found the arts community yet.

One of these artists is Shehzad Chowhan, a writer and poet who came to Canada in May 2018 from Bombay, India. Since he’s arrived here, he’s began performing at open mics and performing his poetry live. Shehzad also released his first book, Arsh Nuzdah on January 19, 2019. Shehzad lives in Mississauga, where he is enrolled as a postgraduate student at Lambton College.

Check out the video to learn about Shehzad and his journey as an artist, his inspiration, and tips for other up-and-coming writers and artists!

Connect with Shehzad on social media:

Facebook: @ShehzadChowhan19
Instagram: @ShehzadChowhan


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