Written by Ayla Djumisic

The Cooperative Education Program at my school, Cawthra Park Secondary School, was kind enough to offer me a four-month work term placement here at the Mississauga Arts Council. After these four months at MAC, my experience has been extremely positive and beneficial. As a grade eleven student, I was somewhat nervous and intimidated about entering a workplace environment for the first time, however, the welcoming energy here at MAC reassured me that I will have an amazing and worthwhile experience.

Skills MAC has taught me:
Since I started my co-op work term here at the Mississauga Arts Council, I have developed and strengthened many of my essential skills. The first skill I have strengthened while working here has been my initiative. Not only has my time here at MAC taught me how to assess and initiate things independently, but it has also made me develop a very strong work ethic. One of my favourite things about MAC is that there is always room to create/take on new projects which I believe is crucial for determining your own success and growth, which are both things I have accomplished during my time here. Demonstrating initiative and responsibility has also allowed me to contribute to MAC in different ways, such as sharing my own opinion or input. The second skill I have built up because of MAC is my ability to communicate and work well with others. Being a student, I was a bit nervous starting out and working alongside other people for the first time, however, everyone’s vibrant and positive energy at MAC assured me that this experience will be one to remember. The final and most important skill I have strengthened while working at MAC is my ability to find interest in learning new things. Within this past month, I have noticed that my ability to comprehend and grasp onto new concepts and ideas has immensely improved. I have learned new concepts when it comes to graphic design, computer programs, mailing information, as well as research, and I find myself eager to learn more and more each day.

My Interests:
Some of the things that interest me about MAC is the bright and welcoming work atmosphere, everyone is very positive, kind and understanding, which makes the entire experience itself more enjoyable than it already is. Overall, MAC has a lot to offer including great people, members, and staff, as well as beneficial and one of a kind opportunities. These opportunities are delivered in a planned and deliberate manner that is consistent with the management of the entire organization. What I also find compelling about the Arts Council is the strong, core values which I stand by, such as enabling the growth of the arts by creating opportunities and connections between artists and residents in Mississauga and beyond. One of my favourite things about MAC is that I’m constantly learning on the job and I learn something new each day. Even when completing tasks I’m already familiar with, I am always learning during the process which I believe is key to furthering your knowledge not just at the workplace, but in your personal life as well. I have retained all of this information I learned so far and I will make sure to use this valuable knowledge from my experience later on in life.

My Goals:
Since the beginning of my work term, I have set goals for myself pertaining to the work here, that I was hoping to achieve before the end of June, and I’m proud to say that I have accomplished them all. I would not have been able to do this without the dedication, determination, and strong work ethic the Mississauga Arts Council has taught me. I have been very optimistic going into this experience and I’m looking forward to what this journey will bring me and how I can use all of the knowledge learnt here in my future. I would personally like to thank both the Co-op program and the Mississauga Arts Council for giving me this amazing and beneficial opportunity.


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