Creativity Takes Courage

Being an artist takes courage. Being able to express yourself in front of many different people can seem easy when watching someone who is very experienced. However, in reality, this is the biggest fear preventing most new artists from pursuing their dreams of becoming an artist or express their artistic side.  What if there was a way that new and experienced artist could come together and show support for each other’s work in a non-judgmental zone? Full Step Sauga hosted their first Word Is Bond Open mic Event at the Common Ground Café in hopes to bring together the arts community in Mississauga. The event displays many different types of artists who perform poetry, rap, singing or playing instruments.

To learn more information about Word Is Bond Click HERE


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  1. KyleTPoetry 1 year ago

    the only path to clarity is through listening to who we are. on stage. behind the scenes. Events like these draw our gaze away from our own lives. we become something more. for word is bond.

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