Oeno Gallery’s Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates


If you would like your work to be considered for the 2019 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, please submit by Jan 31st, 2020. Accepted works will be installed in the spring (usually early May). Accepted sculptures must be on display for one year. The gallery may ask to extend the display for a longer period of time.

Please read the “Oeno Gallery Sculpture Garden FAQ” document and view the “Sculpture Garden Map” on our website before submitting your proposal.


Oeno Gallery’s Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates opened in 2011 as a place dedicated to the exhibition of high-quality outdoor sculpture. The 4-acre garden is a prized feature of the property and receives tens of thousands of visitors yearly.

The gallery invites artists to submit proposals for the garden’s outdoor exhibition. The property offers a wide variety of sites for placement. Areas to consider include the sculpture garden proper, the outdoor area by the winery, the zone immediately surrounding the gallery, and the pond (limestone quarry). Please see the video link at the bottom to get a better sense of the outdoor space. Proposals will be reviewed and artwork selected by the gallery.

The artist is responsible for the transportation, installation and removal of their work. Sculptures must be created of appropriate material intended to withstand extreme year-round weather conditions including strong winds. If the work is intended to rust, please indicate this in your submission. Sculptures must be original, durable, and safe for viewing by the public in an unsupervised natural area. The work must also be available for sale and suitable for shipping internationally.
Proposals must include:

  1. Contact information: Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail, Website
  2. General artist statement/bio
  3. CV
  4. Artwork statement for the proposed work(s) – Include Title, Year, Medium and Size and describe how this work will relate to/expand on current themes in your work
  5. High-res images of the sculpture(s) (300 dpi, 1500 pixels wide), sketches and support images. Clearly title the .jpegs with the title of the piece or a short description of what the image is
  6. Other examples of existing work
  7. Photo of artist
  8. Description of the project and plan for installation. Please consider all aspects of transporting the work to the garden site in Prince Edward County, ON and installing the piece in the garden. An on-site forklift is available upon prior request. **The Gallery will not accept the work if the artist cannot transport and install the sculpture(s)**
  9. Estimated retail price of the work



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