It’s time to shake things up!

Culture Days is looking for contributors and writers with fresh perspectives and unique stories to share.

In 2020, we’re encouraging Canadians to view arts and culture through the lens of Unexpected Intersections—encouraging creative and outside-the-box thinking to reveal new avenues of discovery, learning, and expression.

The Culture 365 blog is the spot for innovative and inspirational stories of cultural engagement and participation from across the country. This coming year, we’ll be sharing research, ideas, and stories examining the theme: how do artists, creatives, cultural organizations, and institutions interact with each other and differing sectors to envision new ways of presenting programming or thinking about big ideas. What impact can this have on the greater public’s perception of arts and culture and its role in society?

An intersection—a point where two or more things intersect—is where things get interesting!

Are you following an artist collective that is combining contemporary art with environmental activism? Know of an interesting crossover between coding and women’s history? Does your local community centre boast a program where traditional cuisine and storytelling meet?

We’re looking for pieces running approximately 700-1,000 words, preferably tied to a Canadian context. We offer competitive pay and can work with you to develop your piece. Drop us a line, we’re all ears.

New to the Culture 365 blog? Check out our 2019 special blog series here to see what it’s all about.

Call open until March 11th at 5pm EDT

Please email Alyssa Trudeau at with your idea and your portfolio or previous work.

For further information:



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