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A J Rana






I have over 15 years of experience in Information Technology field. I worked for UUNET (WorldCom/MCI) in Ashburn, Virginia, USA for 5 years and have also successfully completed projects for World Bank and IMF.I started my own company in 2005 under the name SOLSNET. I joined as a Partner with Server4Sale in 2006 and since then no looking back. I am an active member and sits on the International Trade Committee of Brampton Board of Trades I have served as the President of Rotary Club Of Mississauga – City Centre in 2015. I am also the Project Director of the “Seniors’ Horizon” Program which provide free Technology training to Seniors in the community.My business experience stems from not only running and operating my own business but also working with and helping many other business owners with their business planning, strategy development, online presence and growth.I am also a speaker, coach and technology trainer. I Like to engage my audience with hands-on activities to motivate them to implement whatever they learn from me.I have worked with clients globally in every sector including Government, Banks, Financial institutes and engineering firms to deliver Cost Effective solutions to cater the needs. I wants to help small and medium sized enterprises to thrive and grow by sharing my expertise

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