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Crane Creations Theatre Company is a professional theatre start up based in Mississauga, Ontario. We aim to advance the creation, evolution, promotion, and support for professional theatre in Mississauga by producing and presenting professional theatre, providing affordable and/or free rehearsal space to local non profits and artists, providing coaching, mentoring and professional development for artists.    We understand theatre as a place for dialogue and forum for reflection and discussion on the world we live in. We are convinced theatre has a language of its own, capable of bringing people from various cultural, linguistic, and ideological backgrounds together in an empathetic and community forming experience.

What do we offer:

  • Employment for emerging artists

Every summer we host 13 emerging artists in a 10 week long program paid skills building program. The hiring process is open to anyone aged 18 – 30. Priority is given to residents of the Region of Peel, and members of Equity seeking groups.

  • Family fun involving puppetry and animation

Every March we host a festival of puppetry and animation, presenting local, national and international puppeteers and animators.

  • Rehearsal space for local artists

We are happy to share our light filled, air conditioned rehearsal space located in Clarkson, very close to GO station with ample parking. We charge $14/hour, or exchange based on a barter system, or even let you use the space for free

Artistically, we take pride in taking time in developing projects over a longer period of time with specific outcomes in mind. We are currently working on a few projects, and we are always happy to have people sit in rehearsals and observe our process. We are very passionate about creating fair, paid opportunities for artists, and for inclusive hiring practices. We welcome members of LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and indigenous community, and we are proud to have strong women leading our organization. Lastly, we are Mississauga based, but globally curious. We are curious about artists from around the world; we are committed to international collaboration, and growing the recognition of Mississauga and its artists nationally and internationally.

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