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Arezu Salamzadeh






I am a Mississauga-based artist whose practice focuses on creating environments and performances that invite viewer participation. I graduated from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, in 2016.

The viewer is invited into my work through a gateway of theatrical entertainment coupled with lighthearted nostalgia and humor. My work carries a playful aesthetic and themes of loneliness, my Chinese-Canadian identity, and desire for connection and affection.

Over the past few years I have created installations and sculptures that have doubled as interactive pieces, often examining the commodification and attainability of art to the general public. In 2016 I created a candy store selling both authentic and ceramic candy, and in 2015 a gift cart which I wheeled around public spaces in New York City, giving away small sculptures and candy in exchange for conversation.

Most recently, I installed “Fortune Flavors the Bold”at the Xpace Cultural Centre in Toronto—an installation inspired by the Chinese Traditional Medicine shops of my childhood, where ‘lucky sculptures’ were sold by weight, imitating their authentic counterparts. The shop included dozens of lucky cat and dragon sculptures, ceramic ginseng, and ceramic dried salty fish.

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