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CGhirardo is a versatile visual artist who specializes in contemporary figurative paintings he calls “Neo-Humanism” https://ghirard-stra.wixsite.com/cghirardo  and doing alternative, independent comics. He does a monthly experimental webcomic at https://paintedcomic.wordpress.com/ where he explores the medium and application of comics. Ghirardo is also heavily active in helping build the visual arts in Mississauga: he organized and curated two exhibitions on Clarke Hall to help build it as an experimental art space, organized and helped set up Mississauga’s first ever city initiated art project “ArtworkX” a performance visual art project with four artists creating art out of infrastructure materials to help the public recognize the use of infrastructure in conjunction with the environment, community, and water. He created a conceptual community driven art project “Picture That” to engage the public to “visualize” how Mississauga will look like with the retirement of Mississauga’s longest running mayor, Hazel McCallion. Recently, he organized “Comics: The Road to Independence” Mississauga’s first ever exhibition on comics which consisted on original artwork, drawing on the windows, and a live comic performance reading.