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Julijana Hajdinjak is an award-winning Canadian-Croatian artist who actively works in all areas of the music industry. Raised in Mississauga, Ontario, her extensive performance experience (most notably with The Rolling Stones and Cirque Du Soleil) and training distinguish her from the rest and allow for a unique expression through her music. Throughout her career, Julijana has worked on projects that aired on television networks such as TVO, as well as having her work performed by Canadian ensembles from coast to coast. With an Honours Bachelor of Music with distinction majoring in Contemporary Music: Composition degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, and private training in both piano and voice, Julijana’s thorough knowledge of both music theory and performance give her a unique appreciation for the nuances in music, allowing her to perform and create works in a variety of genres. As an emerging artist in various facets of the industry, Julijana Hajdinjak is a name to watch.

Julijana is a member of  The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) and the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC). She is also the founder of Fortepiano Music Studio, her own music school and composition studio.

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I see composing music as an opportunity for self-awareness. As an artist, I believe composition is an ideal medium for expression. I am greatly influenced by my own struggles, obstacles and accomplishments, and I use music as a means of expressing those feelings and thoughts, when words cannot speak. I feel awakened to explore my personal aesthetics and aspired to create a connection between my music and the listener on deeper levels. While composing, I find a means of self-expression that I cannot express in words, but can express through sound. I believe each line of music tells a story. I strive to create a visual, auditory journey to guide my listeners to explore their own self-awareness, and to use my music as a gateway to finding a sense of closure when overwhelmed with ineffable emotion..Creating music, for me, is an opportunity for self-expression. Our compositions reveal so much about our human side — our loves, our dreams, our fears. Composing provides us with an opportunity to communicate our ‘human-ness’ to those around us.  I believe composition is an ideal medium for expression. In my works, I try to create a musical illusion to invoke the realms of our imagination — to help my listeners picture vivid landscapes in their minds. I spend a great deal of time writing for film. I find it very intriguing to isolate the movements of humans and objects in films, and aim to find a way to reveal an inseparable bond between motion and sound.
I continue to have the privilege of working closely with many talented performers, filmmakers, conductors and artists, and I’m able to draw on their knowledge, which makes composition a compelling, collaborative process. My works all follow a distinct style of my own, that is heartfelt, often intense, and unearths my own transcendent experience of music.