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13 year-old Laila is already showing impressive talent. Her parents sensed early on that there was something special about their sweet little girl with her affinity for animals and art. It became clear when, at age 6, Laila performed “Someone Like You” by Adele in a music recital. For a 6 year-old to be pitch perfect and with feeling beyond her years, they knew that her clear, strong voice would develop into a voice that would give people goosebumps.
When Laila started writing her own songs, it was clear she needed to get into the studio to properly record her song with a band who could understand what Laila wanted out of her music. With the help of Metalworks studio musicians Laila was able to produce a powerfully emotive track, her songwriting debut. You can hear that recording here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3fi9qny3hudzcn/Light%20of%20Love%20%281%29.wav?dl=0
Laila also has a love of musical theatre and performing; she truly thrives on stage. when she can make a connection with the audience through singing and acting. Here she is giving a strong performance in a production of Shrek https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6wvn522frqt11k/File%202017-05-25%2C%2011%2044%2050%20AM.mov?dl=0

Recently Laila sang Canada’s national anthem at the Hershey Centre in front of a crowd of 3500 before a hockey game, to roaring applause. We expect great things to continue for this young and upcoming talent!

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