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Laura Beaton






Laura is an award winning Visual Fine Artist born in Toronto, Ontario Canada and moved to Mississauga over 30 years ago.   She began as a faux finishing (special effects) painter, but a health issue at the time led her to a life-long study of Chinese Brush Painting and acrylics.

Laura is an internationally established Chinese Brush Painter and artist and is recognized for her abstract acrylics as well as impressions of the Canadian landscape using Chinese Brush Painting.

Her works transcend cultures and are in private and permanent collections in China, the United States, and Canada.  While in China, she exhibited alongside Master Chinese artists (Xuefeng DONG, Ling Wang YAN, Shuhua CONG, DOING, Mingyang etal) to tremendous approval and acceptance.

Laura’s motivational speaking style and engagements relative to the arts, art business and marketing are well regarded, as are her exhibitions in Canada and China.

Laura is the 2017 Mississauga Marty’s winner for Established Visual Fine Artist.

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