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Maggie Habieda a Master of Photographic Arts often called “Maggie the Magician”, makes people fall in love with themselves by capturing their love, beauty and dreams.
Owner of Fotografia Boutique, Timeless portrait studio that is recognized internationally for its professionalism, innovation and exceptional quality of work.
Maggie has photographed countless corporate executives, notable politicians, and many performing artists. She is sought out for her captivating, timeless portraits, judicious editing and unparalleled customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, Maggie has a philanthropic side as she is the founder and chair of the Colours of Love International a Not for Profit Organization. The Colours of Love International Concert celebrates life, love and  multiculturalism through music, dance and art that bind us all together as a global society.   Maggie also supports many other charitable organizations including Hats on for Awareness  dedicated to raising awareness, understanding and widespread acceptance of mental illness and addiction,  and the Mississauga Arts Council.

Maggie is an artist, a creative genius, a passionate cultural arts event producer and a successful entrepreneur and supports all artists.
Website: http://www.fotografiaboutique.ca