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mihyun maria kim




Mihyun Maria Kim is a Korean-Canadian painter living and working between Canada and Germany.  Currently, she is a Resident Artist at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre (MLAC).

Her works are informed through histories, individual or collective stories, distorted and manipulated memories, and how one perceives the world through specific experiences, layered with her autoethnographic intersemiotic translation of these narratives into paintings.  In recent, she works through definitions of home, ‘han’ (Korean word describing ‘shared suffering’), division of people and lands, togetherness to re-evaluate relationships, blurred boundaries of interior and exterior realms, public and private spaces (especially in the physical vs. digital realms), the lucidity of time, and notions of progress and regress.

After schooling and working in Toronto, she has participated and worked for residencies in Barcelona, Paris, Seville and Leipzig.  Her passion to bring artists together into dialogue and sharing processes resulted in her co-founding MODS Collective in Barcelona (2017) and Leipzig (2019). She has shown her works in all the mentioned cities above including Venice, Mississauga, and Toronto.  Several group murals exist in Mongolia, Kenya, Brazil, North Korea and China.