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Nicole Lisa Craig






Though she describes herself as super sensitive to the world around her, at 6’3″ Nicole Lisa Craig stands tall and strong and can belt out a song with so much emotion and passion, taking her audiences on an emotional journey. Her songs have content beyond the typical song topics, offering messages of self empowerment, global awareness and universal connectivity.

Nicole love’s the music of the 60s and 70s, grew up with the alternative music of the 90s and has studied classically performing in symphony orchestras for over 7 years. These varied influences in her life, have come together to create a one of a kind musical experience, her brand new album LIFT at http://www.NicoleLisaCraig.com/music.html
This album blends the emotion and dynamics of classical music with the storytelling of folk music, the edginess of alternative rock and the open creativeness of modern day underground pop. It features David Henman (co-founder of April Wine who is a Juno recipient and a Canadian Hall of Fame inductee) and Juno award winner Howard Baer on bass.

It’s music for our times crossing all borders, carrying a message that Nicole hopes will give listeners a sense of connection and a lift to a better place. This is especially important to Nicole since she has suffered personally with and has been surviving a winning battle against depression. We can all use a lift sometimes she says.

Nicole has been featured on CHCH Morning Show, Rogers TV Daytime Toronto, The Sun Parlour Coffee House Sessions, Live is Where it Lives, and Toronto Sessions and has done many live radio interviews throughout Ontario.

Nicole’s self-produced debut album “Why Dont You Care” released in 2012, has been played on radio stations broadcasting all over the world. Her EP “Strong Enough For Love” released September 2014 has been added to playlists in over 150 radio stations across North America and the UK, received a CMJ add in its first week of radio promotions and was in the top 20 in the charts at KAOS radio and The Scope. Her third album “Lift” produced a #1 hit for indie artist for 2017 at Q108 Kingston.

Nicole has performed at multiple events including Lightfoot Days at the Orillia Opera House, Winterfolk, Niagara Lavendar Festival, Canada Blooms, Lindsay Academy Theatre, Old Church Theatre, Pinnacle Theatre, Algonquin Theatre, Acton Town Hall, Hensal Hall, and many other great venues. Nicole has had the pleasure of performing with such artists as Rick Dutkiewicz Haynes (bassist for Gordon Lightfoot since 1969) and David Henman (co-founder of April Wine). She tours full time across Canada and soon to be in the US, Japan and Europe.