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Sandra Robson

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Sandra was born in Toronto. She grew up in the countryside on a rabbit farm. A lack of crayons, pencils or paper didn’t suppress a natural tendency to draw. She used sticks, rocks, sand and even snow to create. It didn’t matter if it washed away – because tomorrow was the opportunity to start fresh.

Sandra earned a University of Toronto science degree; and quickly understood that her true passion was in the arts. The Sheridan College Illustration program provided a foundation towards an established career as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. This experience provided a deep understanding of both the elements and principles of design.

In 2014, Sandra returned back to her painting roots. Her paintings have won awards, placements in a variety of juried exhibits and can found displayed in homes across Canada, the US and Europe.

“Creating is an extension of my core. Society taught me to colour between the lines, – yet I am drawn to play outside of those lines. Nature captures my attention and loads my palette with the desire to paint. Painting is an expressive indulgence providing the opportunity to explore an intimate conversation with my inner voice.  Each brushstroke is celebrated in expressive movement. Through my eyes, I bring a touch of nature indoors.”