About Me/Us

Sophie Fang






I am a song writer and singer. I’d like to use music to record my mood, experience and knowledge. Music is my good friend and my spiritual guide. Music Inspires me when I am happy and heal me when I experience setbacks. There is a story behind each song and a journey of thought. The melody and lyrics help me speak.

I’m good at composing lyrics and melody as well. I especially like Chinese style and melodies with classical charm. Of course, there are many other styles I have also dabbled in, such as pop, jazz, electronic, folk, musical style, etc.

At the same time, I am also a singer-songwriter. The songs are generally composed, music arranged and sung by myself. I really like to sing. It seems that if I don’t sing a day, I will miss it already. I look forward to everyone following my melody and experiencing a unique musical journey.

I have won twice to the Canada Fair-child Radio Original Song Quest Final and participated in live performances on stages, such as Markham theater, Mississauga Living Art Theater.

Besides music, I love vision art.  I am an artist for acrylic painting as well.  Anything has beauty in nature can give me inspiration and reflect to my work.  I really enjoyed painting!