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Stephen Uhraney



When I was a kid my first camera was a gift from my grandfather, a Kodak 110. The first shots I took with it were of my friends playing the most Canadian of games; street hockey. It wasn’t a shot of their smiling faces, but a detail shot of battered hockey sticks and a ragged tennis ball on the cracked road. That photo unfortunately has disappeared, but the image has always stayed with me. I started out as an editorial photographer but have slowly moved into documentary. I’ve always wanted to shoot more, to understand the lives of the people. At a news scene all the photographers jostle for the same shot; the person being treated by the paramedics, flames spitting from a second story window. Documentary photography is entirely different, you shoot stories, things that interest you; you have a chance to investigate, you research, learn, spending hours with your subjects often going back multiple times, you are able to shoot the “battered hockey sticks and the ragged tennis ball”, this is incredibly more rewarding. By concentrating on stories you begin to understand people, seeing what they go through good or bad, how they live, work, play. Then you are truly able to appreciate where you are in the world. Through my efforts I’m challenging the viewer to look at every day life, to see the details and get the whole story.

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An Individual Artist, Collective


Visual Arts