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“My grandfather was a woodworker. Some of my earliest and fondest memories took place in his workshop where he’d let me choose a piece of scrap wood and set me up with a water glass, paintbrush, and some paints to let my imagination run wild. Those memories were my safe-haven when my family left the small town of Stanhope, Newfoundland to start our new life in Ontario. Through all of life’s changes and struggles, art has been the one constant. I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Takeisha Ball is a Canadian artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. Throughout her lifetime, she has explored several artistic outlets as a way of expressing her passion for creativity in as many ways as possible.

This includes writing, drawing, sculpting, painting, acting, music, photography, jewellery making, and web design.

Though many of these things she still enjoys as hobbies, she has always excelled and felt most comfortable in the field of visual arts. Approximately 3 years ago, she began her journey as a commission-based artist providing the public with high-quality portraits and original artwork, and within the last year has taken her practice full-time.

Throughout the course of her education, Takeisha received two Achievement of Excellence awards, participated in exhibits and at the age of 16, had been featured in the local newspaper showcasing one of her pieces titled “Raging Addiction” at the 2010 Walk The Art exhibit. Most of her acrylic work focuses on hyper-realism, with emphasis on bold, saturated colour to grasp the viewer’s attention. Though acrylic mediums are her primary focus, Takeisha has also commissioned digital projects as well, including custom emotes, tattoo design, and digital portraits.

When asked about her portrait work, Takeisha had this to say:

“Often times when I am painting a portrait, I will spend some time studying the subjects eyes and try to radiate their emotions through my work. I thrive on feeling and expression, and always do my best to capture my clients vision through ensuring every last detail is as accurate as possible. ”



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