About Me/Us

Vivek Mehmi






Vivek’s fascination with the hip-hop culture started from an early age.  By kindergarten, he was mimicking dance moves from Breakin’2: Electric Boogaloo. Weekly renting the VHS tape until finally, Jumbo Video’s lone copy became worn and unplayable. More so, having an older brother who exposed him to foundational artists like A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, Cypress Hill, Wu-Tang Clan, kept his fascination growing.

Fast forward to his young adult years, Vivek’s love for hip-hop evolved. He found himself around artists constantly, from hosting a campus radio show at Wilfrid Laurier University to working at non-profit music organizations like FACTOR, and CMRRA. A burgeoning passion eventually took Vivek to Fanshawe College to study at the renowned Music Industry Arts program. It is here that he truly became immersed in hip-hop and began to hone his own sound. Performing in the local scene of London Ontario, and starting to get familiar in the underground hip-hop circles, things appeared to be heading in the right direction.

However, in 2009, his musical creation was halted with a diagnosis of a serious liver disease. Realizing that he may very well, need a liver transplant during the course of his life, Vivek slipped into depression.  Over the next year, he undertook an arduous process of consulting, retesting and exploring the various levels of help in the medical system to learn how to manage his seemingly insurmountable ailments.

By the end of 2015, he finally found a practitioner, a counselor, and a spiritual healer who were able to piece his health puzzle together. Vivek is now slowly recovering and is very much a different person. As he heals, he has revisited his love for music. It became a much-needed, cathartic outlet to cope with the hardship and transition he faced and still continues to battle. Since then he has begun composing some of the most inspired tracks he has ever created. He plans to spread the results of his journey by releasing his album in 2019.