Paint Your Passion

New Canadians Connecting to their Community through Art!

Introducing Paint Your Passion

This project brings an experienced art teacher into contact with 25 new Canadians facing an empty canvas, with a fresh set of paints and brushes and an eagerness to learn how to paint.

The participants are mostly women.

In some cases this will be the first painting they’ve ever done.
For others it represents a creative re-awakening, away from the demands of establishing a life in Canada from scratch — where you must put your kids needs first.

Under the expert guidance of our instructor, they will enjoy the therapeutic power of creativity, developing a bright, cheerful painting that they can take home with them to decorate their apartment, while feeling the sense of achievement and belonging that arises from enjoying this uniquely satisfying creative experience.

On Saturday, September 23 Mississauga Arts Council will produce Phase 1 of Paint Your Passion for new Canadians at the 1st Cooksville Community Street Party gathering of immigrant service providers for new Canadians in downtown Mississauga. Cooksville is a neighborhood renowned for its international citizenry and the multiple languages that are spoken there.

Art has a tremendous unifying effect, whether it be admiring art or listening to music, watching a movie, and in particular – creating your own artworks. This is soul inspiring psychological therapy and in this case providing a marked release of stress from facing the difficulties of acclimatizing to a new country, new culture, new language.

MAC is proud to be a lead participant thanks to the real and valuable support of the TD Bank for this art as a connector experience.

MAC and TD Bank will form a unique and potent partnership to deliver these memorable experiences for nearly 100 New Canadians in Mississauga, approximately 50 at the Street Party alone.

We look forward to sharing details of Phase 2 — another event this year likely in the spring 2018, that is yet to be identified at this time.

Want to join us?

MAC provides its members with opportunities to CONNECT with the community, CREATE art and to CELEBRATE the arts in Mississauga.

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