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April 19, 2018


The Mississauga Arts Council is pleased to announce that after much deliberation, our 8 juries have released the names of 63 finalists in all Emerging and Established 2018 Mississauga Arts Awards (the MARTYs) categories. The list of all  finalists can be found at the bottom of this email.

The finalists of Festival of the Year category, and winners of Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year, Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts, and Lifetime Achievement categories will be announced next week.

MAC has also secured 6 spectacular performances for the MARTY Awards gala held on May 10, 2018 at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

The performer line-up includes the following Mississauga-based artists:

Chuck Jackson and the All Stars
ViVa Trio
Keys to Belfast
Naoko Sakata
Gabriela Rodgers
Sri Lankan Dance Team

The name of all finalists in the established and emerging categories are listed below, in alphabetical order.

Visual Arts – Emerging
Kathlynn Hoang
Khaula Mazhar
Devon Ross
Amanda Shotton
Amrita Virdi

Visual Arts –  Established
Sue Archibald
Nisreen Askar
Huan Chen
Sjon de Groot
Christine Montague

Music Solo Instrumental – Emerging
Mellow Fields
Rick Moss
Alissa Skorik
Mason Victoria
Viera Zmiyiwsky

Music Solo Instrumental –  Established
Christina Melanie
Rob Tardik
Subhadra Vijaykumar

Music Solo Vocal – Emerging
Kendra Charest-French
Jacelyn Holmes
Mileena Sobreira-Yousufy
Abishek Venkatachalam
Selena Zuri

Music Solo Vocal – Established
Alessia Cohle
Arlene Paculan
Vandana Vishwas

Music Group – Emerging
The Dreamboats
From Far and Wide
SonuSkapos Jazz Orchestra
The Southdowns

Music Group – Established
Canadian Arabic Orchestra
Keys to Belfast
Mississauga Choral Society
ViVa Trio

Media Arts – Emerging
Becca Cala
Francesco Philip Reale
Whyishnave Suthagar

Media Arts – Established
Frank Bosnjak
Ron Kolumbus
Cathleen MacDonald

Literary Arts – Emerging
Kyle Climans
Paul Edward Costa
Michelle Hillyard

Literary Arts – Established
Keith Garebian
Wali Shah
Alan Skeoch
Eric Walters
Zohra Zoberi

Dance Established
Amanda Cleghorn
International Dance Academy
Alex Pollard
Anjelica Scannura

Creative Design – Emerging
Artis Magazine (Ivy Reiss)
Maya Charbin
Carlos Herrera
Mississauga Legends Row

Creative Design – Established
Neill Dixon
Rosario Rosred
Shirley Wu

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