Originally published in the Mississauga News by Bryon Johnson.

The Mississauga Arts Council recently held its Member Exhibition at The Grange.

The exhibit included a diverse group of multi-disciplinary artwork genres and styles including paintings, photography, handicrafts, silkscreen prints, collages, and more. The council is dedicated to accelerating progress toward the attainment of our vision of Mississauga as a vibrant cultural community. The Mississauga Arts Council believes in the value of creative collaboration, facilitating partnerships, encouraging healthy competition between artists and strengthening creative communities.

Artists taking part in the exhibition include: Elaine Au Yeung, Angela Chao, Anyah Douse, Myrna Dsousa, E.C. Emmson, Chris Erskine, Kathlynn Hoang, Stella Jurgen, Praveen Kaur, Chris Long, Khaula Mazhar Art, Miriam Melamed, Carole Neely, Sherry Prenevost, Devon Ross Visuals, Amanda Shotton, Joanna Turlej, Thaniath Siddiqui, Aleksandra Stypulkowska, Nisreen Art and Marie Rose Ayoub. The exhibition runs until Oct. 21. The Grange is located at 1921 Dundas St. W., in Mississauga.

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