By: Mike Douglas

February 15, 2018

In 2018, the Mississagua Arts Council (MAC) looks forward to working closely with all of the City’s arts and culture groups, taking advantage of the new Culture Master Plan and with a revitalized sense of missionacross the arts and culture communities.

MAC has some new directions of its own to share. We look forward to producing arts business and marketing seminars, networking get-togethers for the visual and music sectors of the city’s arts populace.

Last year was the a consolidating one both financially and organizationally speaking for MAC. The 2017 MARTY Awards were the best ever and this year they are again scheduled for the Mississauga Convention Centre on Thursday, May 10. Nominations are now open! Just go to

One of the traditional roles of the arts councils, is policy research and advocacy for artists and policy developments in the form of well considered ‘white papers’ that help leaders see a better way forward to making innovations to arts supportive policies. Better rules for more opportunities for artist/performer will assist the whole creative eco-system to do more than surive – to thrive. MAC looks forward to finding a way to fund this opportunity to make a difference in 2018.

This summer, MAC will begin raising money with volunteer work at Rama Amusement Centre to start building a project grants fund for distribution in 2019. We believe that making an ongoing competition for small grants available for potentially risky art projects to individual artists and unregistered groups would be an exciting initative to stretch the realm of what’s possible in Mississauga.

The end of Rogers Community TV removed a significant communications channel for local creatives in Mississauga, The Mississauga News has beccome a weekly paper and while magazines like this one help, there are no privae radio or TV stations to present shared interests on popular platforms, consequently MAC will be searching for arts videos and creating video reports for sharing with local media so that they can tell dynamic, if little known stories of the creative spirit that’s more than alive in Mississauga.

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