By: Kyle Climans

January 26, 2018


The Mississauga Writers Group has begun the new year with a bang, and a renewed sense of purpose.
Following the end of a triumphant year, MWG leader Elizabeth Banfalvi has made it clear that the group will surpass themselves on every front. Recently, the MWG announced their relocation to the South Common Community Centre. Rather than their usual January meeting, they celebrated their new location with an Open House event.

As MWG member Paul Edward Costa observed, “[the Open House event] was a great opportunity to meet and mingle with a wide variety of writers, booksellers, and lovers of literature working in this city”. Among those in attendance at the Open House included the Mississauga Arts Council’s Executive Director, Mike Douglas, the internationally published author and ecologist Nina Munteanu, and representatives of The Book Wardrobe, a bookstore located in Mississauga. The guest writers were allotted tables to proudly display their written work.

In addition, the event was lavishly catered by MWG member Marijana Gmitrovic, and MWG member Clarinda Laforteza presented the group with the gift of a new coffee maker, acknowledging that great ally of any writer. Laforteza described the event as a true “success” praising the event for being very “welcoming and inviting”.

Banfalvi took the opportunity to speak on what the group was planning to do for the new year. She spoke of strengthening ties with St. Elizabeth Seton and Philip Pocock Secondary School (whose students had collaborated with the MWG on their anthology titled “Canada Our Home” in honour of Canada’s 150th year). Banfalvi also spoke of plans for a record number of six new anthologies to be released in 2018. The MWG will also continue to be involved in events throughout Mississauga and continue reaching out to the city’s diverse literary community.

The MWG clearly means to make 2018 a ground-breaking year, and from what the Open House promised, they are certainly well on their way.


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