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Boxes and Banners

A Neighbourhood beautification project from Murals with MAC that turns dull utility boxes into stunning works of art!

MAC partners with artists, community partners, and sponsors to transform dull green, brown and grey utility boxes into eye-catching landmarks. A lasting art installation that transforms its surroundings, these hand-painted Bell boxes and digitally designed wrapped Alectra boxes celebrate our City’s heritage and culture. We have 30 locations and counting across Mississauga… can you find them all?

Want to join MAC’s Boxes and Banners Artist Roster?

MAC is always seeking visual artists for painting Bell boxes, creating digital designs for Alectra box wraps, and creating painted and digital murals.

We are currently seeking visual artists to paint Bell Boxes, but encourage applications for all mediums.

Do you/your company want to sponsor a box design?

Does your office have a dull utility box next door? Do you want to celebrate a piece of Mississauga’s history or culture by sponsoring a design?

MAC looks forward to partnering with you and creating a new work of art in our city. Contact us to find out more!

Our Newest Box Installations:

Three New Hand-Painted Bell Boxes

MAC is proud to announce the launch of three new utility box installations – painted by Sima Naseem, Yen Linh Thai, and Khaula Mazhar – as part of our Murals with MAC – Boxes and Banners program. Learn more HERE.

Spanish Flu Box by David Anthony

This utility box, by acclaimed illustrator and muralist, David Anthony, tells the history of the Spanish Flu Epidemic in Mississauga 100 years ago. Joining in the video reveal is Mike Douglas, MAC’s ED, and Matthew Wilkinson of Heritage Mississauga, to look back on this tragic moment in Canadian history, and the lessons we can apply to the current COVID-19 pandemic today.

Indigenous Design by Nyle Johnston

This beautiful and eye-catching art installation near the Port Credit Memorial Arena was created by local artist Nyle Johnston from the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, and brings the spiritual aspect of Indigenous culture to life through four paintings.
This box kicks off a 4 year partnership between MAC and Express Scripts that will see four utility boxes in prominent locations designed by local Indigenous artists.

Find a work of art near you!

We have installed more than 30 neighbourhood art installations. Find one near you today!

Do you have a photo of one of our art installations? Use #BoxesAndBanners to tag us on social!

MAC’s Beautiful Utility Boxes – by Mississauga Artists

Bell Boxes – Hand Painted Designs in Acrylic Paint

Sue Archibald (2017)
Haig Blvd & Lakeshore E (Ward 1)

Claudio Ghirardo (2017)
33 Central Pkwy W (Ward 4)

Khaula Mazhar (2017)
Derry Rd & Glen Erin Dr (Ward 9)

Mango Peeler (2018)
Burnhamthorpe Rd E & Cawthra Rd (Ward 3)

Angela Chao (2019)
Montevideo Rd near Meadowvale Theatre (Ward 9)

Khaula Mazhar (2019)
Hurontario at Matheson (1 of 2) (Ward 5)

Khaula Mazhar (2019)
Hurontario at Matheson (2 of 2) (Ward 5)

Angela Chao & Susan Ksiezopolski (2020)
Windwood Park (Ward 9)

Nisreen Askar (2020)
Hurontario St & Eglinton Ave W (Ward 4)

Nisreen Askar (2020)
Church St & Kerr St (Ward 11)

Yen Linh Thai (2021)
1270 Central Pkwy W (Ward 6)

Sima Naseem (2021)
5135 Glen Erin Dr (Ward 9)

Khaula Mazhar (2021)
1311 Bristol Rd W (Ward 6)

Alectra Boxes & City Traffic Boxes – Digital Designs Printed on Vinyl Wraps

Joanna Turlej (2017)
Eglinton Ave E & Tahoe Blvd (Ward 3)

Shellene Rodney (2017)
Goreway Dr & Etude Dr (Ward 5)

Pernia Jamshed (2017)
Erin Mills Pkwy & Lincoln Green Way (Ward 8)

Aiden Locke (2017)
Queen St S & Caroline St (Ward 11)

Alison Syer (2018)
Wiseman Ct & Southdown Rd (Ward 2)

Pernia Jamshed (2018)
Creditview Rd & Eglinton Ave W (Ward 6)

Michele Clarke (2018)
Mavis Rd & Dundas St W (1 of 3) (Ward 7)

Michele Clarke (2018)
Mavis Rd & Dundas St W (2 of 3) (Ward 7)

Michele Clarke (2018)
Mavis Rd & Dundas St W (3 of 3) (Ward 7)

Joanna Turlej (2018)
240 Derry Rd W (Ward 9)

Stella Jurgen (2019)
Derry Rd at Tenth Line W (Ward 10)

Marcelo Pazan & Stephen Uhraney (2020)
Stavebank Rd at Lakeshore Ave E (Ward 1)

Alison Syer (2020)
Church St at Main St (1 of 3) (Ward 11)

Alison Syer (2020)
Church St at Main St (2 of 3) (Ward 11)

Alison Syer (2020)
Princess St & Queen St (3 of 3) (Ward 11)

David Anthony (2021)
2550 Hurontario St (Ward 4)

Nyle Johnston (2021)
Port Credit Memorial Arena (Ward 1)

Murals – Hand Painted Designs in Acrylic Paint

Khaula Mazhar (2019)
Mississauga Valley Park (Ward 4)

Khaula Mazhar (2020)
33 Central Pkwy E (Ward 4)

Thank you to our Boxes and Banners Sponsors: