The MARTYS | Past Winners

Arts excellence has been celebrated in Mississauga for the last 25 years.

The MARTYS have evolved since they first started, from new awards categories being added to the venue the awards show takes place at. What’s remained the same is MAC’s commitment to acknowledging excellence in the Mississauga Arts Community. We’d like to thank all past MARTY winners for their contributions to the arts.

Click on a year to see its MARTY winners.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Lata Pada

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts Award – Heather Snell

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year Award – Michael Buchert

Dance Established – Suma Nair

Digital Arts Emerging – Alexander Desouza

Digital Arts Established – Shazia Javed

Fashion and Beauty Emerging – Adrian Arnieri

Fashion and Beauty Established – Rashi Bindra

Literary Arts Emerging – Paul Edward Costa

Literary Arts Established – Keith Garebian

Music Group Emerging – Uforia

Music Group Established – The Dreamboats

Music Instrumental Emerging – Julijana Hajdinjak

Music Instrumental Established – Ross MacIntyre

Music Vocal Emerging – Jacelyn Holmes

Music Vocal Established – Arlene

Theatre Arts Established – Calliope Sound Productions

Visual Arts Emerging – Katherine A. Laird

Visual Arts Established – Hans Poppe

Festival of the Year – #BollywoodMonsterMashup

Visual Arts – Emerging – Kathlynn Hoang

Visual Arts –  Established – Huan Chen

Music Solo Instrumental – Emerging – Mason Victoria

Music Solo Instrumental –  Established – Rob Tardik

Music Solo Vocal – Emerging – Abhishek Venkatachalam

Music Solo Vocal – Established – Alessia Cohle

Music Group – Emerging – The Dreamboats

Music Group – Established – ViVA Trio

Media Arts – Emerging – Francesco Philip Reale

Media Arts – Established – Cathleen MacDonald

Literary Arts – Emerging – Michelle Hillyard

Literary Arts – Established – Eric Walters

Dance Established – Anjelica Scannura

Creative Design – Emerging – Maya Charbin

Creative Design – Established – Shirley Wu

Festival of the Year – Southside Shuffle Blues and Jazz Festival

Lifetime Achievement Award – Gary Clipperton

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year Award – Rita Ferguson

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts Awards – Pratt and Whitney Canada

Lifetime Achievement – Robert J. Sawyer

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Jack Prazeres

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Jake Dheer

Festival of the Year –  TD Mosaic

Literary Arts – Emerging – Rebecca Zseder

Literary Arts – Established – Larissa Fleurette Ho

Media Arts – Emerging – Shazia Javed

Media Arts – Established – Rosa Wang

Music Solo – Vocalists Emerging – Nicholas Cunha

Music Solo – Vocalists – Established – Chuck Jackson

Music Solo – Vocalists – Established – Alx Veliz

Music Solo – Instrumental – Emerging – Naoko Sakata

Music Solo – Instrumental – Established – Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

Music Group – Emerging – Keys To Belfast

Music Group – Established – Billy Talent

Visual Arts – Emerging – Angela Chao

Visual Arts – Established – Laura Beaton

Theatre – Emerging – Adriana Serra

Theatre – Established – City Centre Musical Productions

Dance – Established – Frog in Hand Company

Creative Design – David Dixon

Emerging Literary Arts – Peter Whelan
Established Literary Arts – Jasmine Sawant
Emerging Media Arts – Mathew Murray
Established Media Arts – Maggie Habieda
Emerging Music Arts – Anna Wojick
Established Music Arts – David O’Hearn
Emerging Theatre Arts – Sid Sawant
Established Theatre Arts – Sawitri Theatre
Emerging Visual Arts – Fatima Fasih
Established Visual Arts – Noelle Hamlyn
Emerging Dance Arts – Joann Wanda Rossitter
Established Dance Arts – Ashmina Suri
Culinary Arts – Massimo Capra
Fashion and Beauty – Tabi-G
Creative Community Award – Randy Persaud
Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Fatima Fasih
Laurie Pallet Patron of the Arts and Lifetime Achievement in the Arts – Ron Lenyk
People’s Choice Award – Harbir Singh

Lifetime Achievement in the Arts – Hazel McCallion

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Marlene Taylor

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Gil Moore

People’s Choice Award – Justin Covas

Emerging Literary Arts – Peta-Gaye Nash

Established Literary Arts – Katarzyna Kochany

Emerging Media Arts – Troy Aaron De Four

Emerging Visual ArtsBreanna Shanahan

Established Visual Arts – Lizz Aston

Emerging Performing Arts Individual – William Leathers

Established Performing Arts Individual – Peter Katz

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Dead Penny

Established Performing Arts Group – All Masters Lion Dance, Mississauga Pops

Creative Community – The Dam Poets Society

Emerging Literary Arts – Larissa Fleurette Ho

Established Literary Arts – Anna Yin

Emerging Visual Arts – Amanda Baron

Established Visual Arts – Irene Monique Salehi

Emerging Media Arts – Nick “Nick Name” Londono

Established Media Arts – Michael Kennedy

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Ballroom Babies

Established Performing Arts Group – Clarkson Music Theatre

Emerging Performing Arts Individual – Frank Anthony

Established Performing Arts Individual – Carol McCartney

Creative Community – Frog in Hand

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Arlene Paculan

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Eleanor Calbes

People’s Choice – Monster Rock Orchestra

Emerging Literary Arts – Claire Carver-Dias

Established Literary Arts – Keith Garebian

Emerging Media Arts – Tristan Barrocks

Established Media Arts- Alvin Campaña

Emerging Performing Arts – Austin McDonald

Established Performing Arts – Tom Barlow

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Word Made Flesh Productions

Established Performing Arts Group – Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre

Emerging Visual Arts – Francesco Reale

Established Visual Arts – Cal (Cait) Harben

Creative Community – Pat Hertzberg

Laurie Pallett – Fred Durdan

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Gena Elizabeth Norbury

People’s Choice – Stephanie McKenzie

Emerging Literary Arts – Anna Konareva

Established Literary Arts – Kristen McKendry

Emerging Media Arts – Dany Gehshan

Emerging Performing Arts – Amanda Cleghorn

Established Performing Arts – Vandana Vishwas

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Vibonics

Established Performing Arts Group – Johnny Max Band

Emerging Visual Arts – Sherry Prenevost

Established Visual Arts – Pat Hertzberg

Creative Community – Noelle Hamlyn

Laurie Pallett – Pieter Kool

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Arshad Mahmood

People’s Choice – Andre Anthony Reid

Emerging Literary Arts – Zohra Zoberi

Established Literary Arts – Peter Jailal

Emerging Media Arts – Jeffrey Pike

Established Media Arts- Peter Rowe

Emerging Performing Arts – Vikas Kohli

Established Performing Arts – Don Breithaupt

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Cut Throat Kids

Established Performing Arts Group – Orchestras Mississauga

Emerging Visual Arts – Jeff Macintosh

Established Visual Arts – Leszek Wyczolkowski

Creative Community – Ian Greening 

Laurie Pallett – Gerald Townsend 

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Kofi Sankofa

People’s Choice – Liberty Silver

Emerging Literary Arts – Anna Yin

Established Literary Arts – Kathy Buckworth

Emerging Media Arts – Morgan Muscat

Established Media Arts- Richie Mehta

Emerging Performing Arts – Austin Di lulio

Established Performing Arts – Cristina Pora Balaceanu

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Celebrity Symphony Orchestra

Established Performing Arts Group – Ill Scarlett 

Emerging Visual Arts – Megan McCabe

Established Visual Arts – Ishrat Raza Suhrwady

Laurie Pallett – Eileen Oswald

Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Freda Harrington

Emerging Literary Arts – Tanaz Bhathena

Established Literary Arts – Sephera Giron

Emerging Media Arts – Matthew Yipchuk

Established Media Arts- Aida Memisevic

Emerging Performing Arts – David Norsworthy

Established Performing Arts – Irshad Khad

Emerging Performing Arts Group – TorQ Percussion Quartet

Established Performing Arts Group – Mississauga Choral Society

Emerging Visual Arts – Megan Sinnett

Established Visual Arts – Sonja Hidas

Laurie Pallett – Lizann and Bill Star

Beverley A. Ryans Arts Volunteer of the Year – Doreen Chadock

Emerging Literary Arts – Pratap Reddy

Established Literary Arts – Keith Garebian

Emerging Media Arts – Giselle Acosta

Established Media Arts- Doreen Renner

Emerging Performing Arts – Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

Established Performing Arts – Nancy Walker

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Bridging the Gap

Established Performing Arts Group – Meadowvale Music Theatre

Emerging Visual Arts – Jennifer Chan

Established Visual Arts – Doreen Renner

Laurie Pallett – Patti Jannetta

Emerging Literary Arts – Moushumi  Chakrabarty

Established Literary Arts – Beth Southcott

Emerging Media Arts – Jeff Campagna

Established Media Arts- Gabriella Bank

Emerging Performing Arts – Erica Nicole Peck

Established Performing Arts – Rob Tardik

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Keepin6

Established Performing Arts Group – Sampradaya Dance Creations

Emerging Visual Arts – Alison Kobayashi

Established Visual Arts – Cesar Forero

Laurie Pallett – John Barnum

Beverley A. Ryans Arts Volunteer of the Year – Cristina Sanchez

Emerging Literary Arts – David Yee

Established Literary Arts – Judith Christine

Emerging Media Arts – Jon Garcia

Emerging Performing Arts – Jennie Laws

Established Performing Arts – Bozidar Vitkovic

Established Performing Arts Group – Mississauga Youth Theatre

Emerging Visual Arts – Stephen Paul Futon

Established Visual Arts – Anna Yuschuk

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Chuck Jackson

Beverley A. Ryans Arts Volunteer of the Year – Bernice Louie Kwong

Emerging Literary Arts – Tina Powell

Established Literary Arts – Eric Walters

Emerging Media Arts – Samuel Chow

Emerging Performing Arts – John R.M. Saunders

Established Performing Arts – Krisztina Szabo

Emerging Performing Arts Group – ErinOak Drama Program

Established Performing Arts Group – Mississauga Children Choir

Emerging Visual Arts – Lydia Panart

Established Visual Arts – Peter Locke

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Dr. Roger Beck 

Emerging Literary Arts – Julia Tausch

Emerging Media Arts – Wilson Hacking

Emerging Performing Arts – Shadia Simmons

Established Performing Arts – David Leask

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Billy Talent

Established Performing Arts Group – Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble

Emerging Visual Arts – Sylvia Bartosik

Established Visual Arts – Margaret Squire

Laurie Pallett  – Peggy Hills-McGuire 

Emerging Literary Arts – Karin Lowachee

Emerging Media Arts – Alvin Campana

Emerging Performing Arts – Praise Lam

Established Performing Arts – Charles Cozens

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Candy Factory Theatre

Established Performing Arts Group – Group des Arts Bassan

Emerging Visual Arts – Alex Bartosik

Established Visual Arts – Bruce Cochrane

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Gary Clipperton 

Emerging Literary Arts – Rachel Sa

Established Literary Arts – Robert J. Sawyer

Emerging Media Arts – Patrick Thorton

Emerging Performing Arts – Christopher Miranda

Established Performing Arts – Rik Emmet

Emerging Performing Arts Group – Cow Over Moon

Established Performing Arts Group – Mississauga Players

Emerging Visual Arts – Juliana Schewe

Established Visual Arts – Tom La Pierre

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Bette Pauli 

Emerging Literary Arts – Andrea Hill

Established Literary Arts – Kathleen Hicks

Emerging Dance Arts – Tina Pereira

Established Dance Arts- Marie Ann Longlade

Emerging Music Arts – Debi Sander Walker

Established Music Arts – Adrian Anantawan

Emerging Theatre Arts – Heather Brissenden 

Established Theatre Arts – Tom Vanderberg

Emerging Visual Arts – Andre Manga

Established Visual Arts – Gil Caldwell

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Jean Sinclair 

Emerging Literary Arts – Elizabeth Quinn

Established Literary Arts – Keith Garebian

Emerging Dance Arts – Krystine Geronimo

Emerging Music Arts – Irene Wong

Established Music Arts – Joanna Jordan

Emerging Theatre Arts – Nicole St. Martin 

Established Theatre Arts – Marie Gibson

Emerging Visual Arts – Lisa Jayne Irvine

Established Visual Arts – Don Dickson

Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts – Bernice Louie Kwong 

Emerging Literary Arts – Leena Chopra

Established Literary Arts – Gail Crawford

Emerging Dance Arts – Alanna McCrudden

Established Dance Arts – Brigid Grant

Emerging Music Arts – Lisa Griffiths

Established Music Arts – Anthony Panacci

Emerging Theatre Arts – Terry Costa 

Established Theatre Arts – Nancy Guertin

Emerging Visual Arts – Cameron Sharpe

Established Visual Arts – Fay Sproule 

Emerging Literary Arts – Jennifer Helgason

Established Literary Arts – Brian Stewart

Emerging Dance Arts – Kelly Fletcher

Established Dance Arts – Belinda McGuire

Emerging Music Arts – Yi-Jia Susanne Hou

Established Music Arts – Anthony Bastianon

Emerging Theatre Arts – Zaib Shaikh 

Established Theatre Arts – Hasel Dalgeish

Emerging Visual Arts – Walter Chaisson

Established Visual Arts – Lila Lewis Irving

Emerging Literary Arts – Tina Mathias

Established Literary Arts – Scott Ruddick

Emerging Dance Arts – Jennifer Lossing

Established Dance Arts – Darren Smith

Emerging Music Arts – Karen Wierzba

Established Music Arts – Chris Bentley

Emerging Theatre Arts – Denise Oucharek 

Established Theatre Arts – Gary Wallace

Emerging Visual Arts – Paul Macgowan

Established Visual Arts – Shirley Erskine

Emerging Literary Arts – Tommy Taylor

Established Literary Arts – Michael Crawley

Emerging Dance Arts – Shannon Bond

Established Dance Arts – Lata Prada

Emerging Music Arts – Darren Dunstan

Established Music Arts – Michael Coghlan

Emerging Theatre Arts – Susanne Cooper 

Established Theatre Arts – Eunice Toogood

Emerging Visual Arts – Nazy Sakhavarz

Established Visual Arts – Frank Berry

Emerging Literary Arts – Visha Sukedo

Established Literary Arts – Jennifer Footman

Emerging Dance Arts – Julius Sermonia

Established Dance Arts – Iris Giggs

Emerging Music Arts – Elaine Hou

Established Music Arts – Susan Barber Kahro

Emerging Theatre Arts – Melissa Taddeo 

Established Theatre Arts – Fran Goddu

Emerging Visual Arts – Jason Coulson

Established Visual Arts – George Rackus

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