About MAC

MAC’s Vision

The Mississauga Arts Council is dedicated to accelerating progress toward the attainment of our Vision of Mississauga as a vibrant cultural community.

MAC’s Values

MAC believes in the value of creative collaboration, facilitating partnerships, encouraging healthy competition between artists and strengthening creative communities.

MAC’s Mission

MAC has 3 concept terms that capture what we make happen to accelerate growth in the arts: Create, Connect, and Celebrate.

More on our 3 Word Mission Statement:


Create is about more than creating original artistic works: It’s finding a way to grow investment in the arts and thus help artists fulfill opportunities to use their talents, gain exposure and experience, create more impact and get paid for it.
The Create umbrella includes programming to give artists more opportunities to do and develop, as well as growth marketing, career support and generating interest and activity for individual artists and groups, whether it’s developing new venues, projects for collaborations, showcases, or finding sponsors to invest in growing their art form.


Connect focuses on applying innovative communications approaches to attract new and more attention to artists’ works, to intrigue and raise public awareness, to increase public participation and spur regional appreciation for arts culture in Mississauga.


Spotlighting and celebrating artistic excellence drives broader public awareness, creates excitement for excellence, inspires greater quality of artistic expression and performance, increasing appreciation for what’s actually being done. Thus Celebration is about creating public impact for artists and arts in Mississauga.
For 2018 – 2020 The MARTYS will continue to exemplify the motivational power of awards the unifying connectivity of an awards program delivering inspiration and motivation for doing more and doing it better.
Next Steps in MAC’s city building process arise from commitment to new value metrics – Innovation – Investment and Impact.

The Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) engages, connects, promotes, champions and helps develop opportunities for artists of all disciplines, ages and abilities from diverse communities to help grow the arts and culture sector in Mississauga.

Since its inception in 1981, MAC facilitates partnerships, encourages collaboration and provides awards for healthy competition between artists and performers to help strengthen our community and contribute to a more vibrant city.

MAC’s staff of 5 currently represents over 500 individual artists, arts organizations and related business allies. MAC will place more than 400 performers and artists in professional appearances in 2017 and close to 30,000 residents will enjoy them in MAC led events and another 120,000 people will witness their performances in festivals produced by MAC member organizations.

The Mississauga Arts Council is a 35 year-old not-for-profit organization that encases the collaborations of 217 arts organizations and 38,000 individual artists under one common umbrella. MAC acts as a catalyst to inspire, engage and connect opportunities within the community to encourage multi-disciplinary artists and facilitate networking in the arts scene across diverse cultures.

We were established in 1981 by City Resolution, and a non-profit registered charity governed by a Board of Directors.

We aim to create a Mississauga that is a vibrant, creative, cultural community where arts and culture thrive.

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