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Murals with MAC

A neighbourhood beautification project transforming Mississauga!

Murals with MAC is a neighbourhood beautification project that facilitates relationships between artists and community partners run by Mississauga Arts Council (MAC). MAC is helping to redefine traditional approaches to public art and provide paid opportunities for local artists to create, connect, and celebrate unexpected spaces throughout the city of Mississauga!

Murals with MAC projects develop the creative identity of Mississauga and employ local artists to contribute their voices and skills to projects that foster neighbourhood identity with designs that speak to the special character, culture, or heritage of the local community.

Murals with MAC

Creating a public mural isn’t just about painting a bare wall. Murals tell the story of a community, transform the space, and build the collective spirit of a neighbourhood. Our Murals with MAC program pairs businesses with artists to build lasting visual legacies. Murals can be indoor or outdoor installations and hand-painted, vinyl wrap installations, or even canvas or aluminum panels mounted to a wall. The possibilities are endless!

Boxes and Banners

MAC partners with artists, community partners, and sponsors to transform dull green, brown and grey utility boxes into eye-catching landmarks. A lasting art installation that transforms its surroundings, these hand-painted Bell boxes and digitally designed wrapped Alectra boxes and City Traffic boxes celebrate our City’s heritage and culture. We have 30+ box installations around Mississauga…can you find them all?

Port Credit LCBO Mural (2022) with Muralists (L-R) Ashley Beerdat, Carla Gonzalez-Casanova, Yen Linh Thai, Lynn Taylor, Ray Vidal, and Veronika Benjamin.
Indwell Lofts Mural with artist David Anthony (2022)
Port Credit LCBO Mural panel by by Ray Vidal (2022)
Port Credit LCBO Mural panel by Yen Linh Thai (2022)
Port Credit LCBO Mural panel by Lynn Taylor (2022)
Port Credit LCBO Mural panel by Carla Gonzalez-Casanova (2022)
Port Credit LCBO Mural panel by Veronika Benjamin (2022)
Port Credit LCBO Mural panel by Ashley Beerdat (2022)
Peel CAS Mural by Angela Chao (2022)
Peel CAS Mural by David Anthony (2022)
Peel CAS Mural by Yen Linh Thai (2022)
Indwell Lofts Mural by David Anthony (2022)
Indwell Lofts Mural by David Anthony (2022)
Mississauga Valley Park Mural by Khaula Siddique (2019)
Pedestrian Underpass Mural by Khaula Siddique (2020)

Find a work of art in your neighbourhood!

We have installed more than 30 Murals and Art Box installations. Find one near you today!

Do you have a photo of one of our installations? Use #BoxesAndBanners and #MuralsWithMAC to tag us on social!

Bell Boxes – Hand Painted Designs in Acrylic Paint

Sue Archibald (2017)
Haig Blvd & Lakeshore E (Ward 1)

Claudio Ghirardo (2017)
33 Central Pkwy W (Ward 4)

Khaula Siddique (2017)
Derry Rd & Glen Erin Dr (Ward 9)

Mango Peeler (2018)
Burnhamthorpe Rd E & Cawthra Rd (Ward 3)

Angela Chao (2019)
Montevideo Rd near Meadowvale Theatre (Ward 9)

Khaula Siddique (2019)
Hurontario at Matheson (1 of 2) (Ward 5)

Khaula Siddique (2019)
Hurontario at Matheson (2 of 2) (Ward 5)

Angela Chao & Susan Ksiezopolski (2020)
Windwood Park (Ward 9)

Nisreen Askar (2020)
Hurontario St & Eglinton Ave W (Ward 4)

Nisreen Askar (2020)
Church St & Kerr St (Ward 11)

Yen Linh Thai (2021)
1270 Central Pkwy W (Ward 6)

Sima Naseem (2021)
5135 Glen Erin Dr (Ward 9)

Khaula Mazhar (2021)
1311 Bristol Rd W (Ward 6)

Ashley Beerdat (2022)
5787 Hurontario St (Ward 5)

Omar Hopkinson (2022)
2238 Hurontario St (Ward 7)

Carlos Herrera (2022)
7325 Goreway D (Ward 5)

Khaula Siddique (2022)
398 Confederation Parkway (Ward 4)

Alectra Boxes & City Traffic Boxes – Digital Designs Printed on Vinyl Wraps

Joanna Turlej (2017)
Eglinton Ave E & Tahoe Blvd (Ward 3)

Shellene Rodney (2017)
Goreway Dr & Etude Dr (Ward 5)

Pernia Jamshed (2017)
Erin Mills Pkwy & Lincoln Green Way (Ward 8)

Aiden Locke (2017)
Queen St S & Caroline St (Ward 11)

Alison Syer (2018)
Wiseman Ct & Southdown Rd (Ward 2)

Pernia Jamshed (2018)
Creditview Rd & Eglinton Ave W (Ward 6)

Michele Clarke (2018)
Mavis Rd & Dundas St W (1 of 3) (Ward 7)

Michele Clarke (2018)
Mavis Rd & Dundas St W (2 of 3) (Ward 7)

Michele Clarke (2018)
Mavis Rd & Dundas St W (3 of 3) (Ward 7)

Joanna Turlej (2018)
240 Derry Rd W (Ward 9)

Stella Jurgen (2019)
Derry Rd at Tenth Line W (Ward 10)

Marcelo Pazan & Stephen Uhraney (2020)
Stavebank Rd at Lakeshore Ave E (Ward 1)

Alison Syer (2020)
Church St at Main St (1 of 3) (Ward 11)

Alison Syer (2020)
Church St at Main St (2 of 3) (Ward 11)

Alison Syer (2020)
Princess St & Queen St (3 of 3) (Ward 11)

David Anthony (2021)
2550 Hurontario St (Ward 4)

Sally Co (2022)
1860 Lakeshore Rd. W (Ward 2)

Nyle Johnston (2021)
Port Credit Memorial Arena (Ward 1)

Stella Jurgen (2021)
200 Lakeshore Road East (Ward 1)

Lynn Taylor (2022)
1 Front St, Port Credit (Ward 1)

Francine Freeman (2022)
Battleford Rd at Montevideo Rd (Ward 9)

Lynn Taylor (2022)
1651 Lakeshore Rd W (Ward 2)

Murals – Hand Painted & Digital Designs

Khaula Siddique (2019)
Mississauga Valley Park (Ward 4)

Khaula Siddique (2020)
33 Central Pkwy E (Ward 4)

Multiple Artists (2022)
200 Lakeshore Road East (Ward 1)

David Anthony (2022)
Indwell Lofts – 425 Lakeshore Road East (Ward 1)

Videos of MAC’s Newest Murals and Art Boxes

Want to get involved?

Join the Murals with MAC Artist Roster

MAC is seeking visual artists for painting Bell boxes, creating digital designs for Alectra and City traffic box wraps, hand-painted mural projects, and creating digital designs for vinyl mural installations. APPLY NOW to join our Murals with MAC artist roster for consideration in future Mural and Box projects.

Sponsor a Box Design or Mural

Does your office have a dull utility box next door? Do you want to celebrate a piece of Mississauga’s history or culture by sponsoring an indoor or outdoor mural on your property? MAC looks forward to partnering with you and creating a new work of art in our city. Contact us to find out how to become a Murals with MAC sponsor!

Murals with MAC News:

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An article by Mike Douglas on MAC’s Arts for Business Directory was recently featured in MBOT’s Connect Magazine, Fall 2022 Edition.

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Mississauga Arts Council and Express Scripts Canada invite you to celebrate a new utility box installation by local Indigenous artist, Lynn Taylor

In honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) and Express Scripts Canada are excited to unveil a brand new permanent utility box installation by local Indigenous artist,…

Witness the unveiling of the brand-new 486 square foot mural at LCBO Port Credit!

Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) and Port Credit BIA are excited to announce the unveiling of the LCBO Port Credit Mural Project. This is a brand-new 486 square foot, six-panel mural located in the hear…

Call for Artists! Mississauga Arts Council is looking for artists to paint murals for Indwell Lakeshore Lofts

MAC is inviting local artists and/or arts collectives to submit a Request for Proposal to create three murals for Indwell’s Lakeshore Lofts in Port Credit.

Thank you to our Murals with MAC & Boxes and Banners Sponsors:

Thank you to: Councillor George Carlson, Councillor Steven Dasko, Councillor Pat Saito, and Councillor John Kovac.