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The Mississauga Arts Council is dedicated to accelerating progress toward the attainment of our Vision of Mississauga, as a vibrant cultural community where arts and culture thrive!

Our Vision: Promote a thriving Arts Economy in Mississauga

Our Mission: Empower the Arts Economy by: Creating opportunities & capacity; Connecting artists to audiences and each other; and Celebrating artist’s achievements

Our Values: MAC believes in the value of creative collaboration, facilitating partnerships, encouraging healthy competition between artists and strengthening creative communities.

Our Strategy: To provide arts-based programming to communities across our city by supporting artist-led enterprises and programs, to provide valuable communications and marketing services to individual creatives and groups, and to advocate for development of our city’s arts economy.

MAC’s three concepts that capture how we accelerate growth in the arts economy:


Create is about growing new opportunities for artists to use their talents, gain employment and public exposure, earn valuable experience. This includes applications for grants, sponsorships and matching funds for creative projects of all kinds, project development and career support for individual artists and groups.


Connect focuses on innovative communications, media marketing connecting new partners for collaborations, infusing value into networking events, connecting artists with each other, new audiences, sustainable business practices and funders.


Celebrate ensures artists are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments. For instance, The Mississauga Arts Awards showcase creative excellence, drive broader public awareness, create excitement and real sense of belonging, inspire greater quality of artistic expression and performance, increases public participation with artists and arts in Mississauga.

Mississauga Arts Council’s Strategic Plan 2021-2024: A Brave New World

In 2020, MAC’s Board of Directors developed a new strategic plan that responds to the devastating effect COVID-19 has had on the arts economy, and how MAC can position efforts to benefit the arts sector in new and more impactful ways. Our strategic plan, A Brave New World, outlines five strategic priorities:

  1. Drive digital innovation
  2. Increased emphasis on the arts economy
  3. Develop increased public-private sector funding partnerships
  4. Enhanced community outreach
  5. Employ agile and entrepreneurial business model

These priorities are already at the heart of our organization, and will drive our activities and priorities throughout 2021-2024.

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