Invest in a Vibrant City, Invest in the Arts!

Mississauga is a thriving, productive, and diverse place to live, having grown up from its humble beginnings as a suburban outpost. What makes a truly world class city, and what is bringing us to maturity is a vibrant arts scene, and MAC is focused on developing artists now for the future.

Developing Investment in the arts will generate greater sustainability for artists by becoming the essential city builders they are and thus satisfying Mississauga’s needs for a creative identity that matters and resonates for years to come.

Delivering measurable, exciting results for the needs of the arts communities in Mississauga should become self-perpetuating, but artists will always need to be supported through different phases of development.

To help develop this vital aspect of our society, MAC makes your dollars go a long way. Here are some ways you can donate now to invest in a legacy of art for our communities:

Donate money – a recurring or one time donation – the lifeblood of our programs

Donate Time – We always need volunteers!

Donate Auction Items – Our annual silent auction is vital not only for raising funds but for showcasing all the wonderful pieces and provides a great gift buying opportunity.

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Ready to step up your engagement with the Arts?

MAC provides its members with opportunities to CONNECT with the community, CREATE art and to CELEBRATE the arts in Mississauga.


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